Pobol y Cwm: Mark makes a terrible mistake | Rownd a Rownd: Ken and Kay head for a row

This week in the S4C serials…

Megan visits the prison in the hope of learning more about Gareth Wyn. As the new year looms, Aaron makes plans to leave Cwmderi for good. With Garry’s imminent return to the village, Mark makes a terrible mistake which will cost Garry dear. Meanwhile, Mathew has a difficult conversation with Eifion about Izzy.

Garry returns to Cwmderi from prison and he has a bone to pick with Mark Jones! Mathew is shocked when he discovers who Eifion had in his bed last night.

As Tesni is still under the weather, Cassie suggests that she takes a pregnancy test. As Mark prepares to face Garry, an unexpected hero saves his bacon.

Pobol y Cwm, S4C, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 8 pm

It’s a new year, but Cilbedlam has the same old troubles. Despite Mel’s efforts, things have gone from bad to worse between Ken and Kay, and it becomes apparent that Ken is determined to stick to his word.

Barry’s pain from losing his mum is becoming stronger and the guilt is eating him alive. Arthur is also grieving, and his attempts to move on with his life receive an unexpected blow from Barry.

Amid all the troubles and pains in the village, romance is blossoming as Elen and Llŷr become closer and it’s clear to see that they both understand each other perfectly. Mathew takes some teachers on a mindfulness session in the open air and it becomes apparent that some will benefit more from the experience than others and more than one person will be surprised by the end of the day.

Rownd a Rownd, S4C, Tuesday and Thursday 8.25 pm

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