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TV Highlights: From Corrie Cock-ups to Salvador Dali


TV Highlights: From Corrie Cock-ups to Salvador Dali

Telly Today picks for January 3rd.

Food Unwrapped…

This special New Year episode comes stuffed with food hacks and little-known science secrets to help turbocharge your health and well-being. Jimmy Doherty explores whether chia seeds could help with overeating.

Briony May Williams asks why producers of gluten-free products seem to be charging more for less. Matt Tebbutt lets the dogs out and explores whether raw pet food could be the key to a healthy pooch.

And Kate Quilton discovers some surprising science behind watermelon’s superpowers.

Food Unwrapped: Healthy New Year, Channel 4, 7.30 pm

Coronation Street…

Yes, Corrie, but not as we usually see it – well not since the 1980s anyway. These days re-takes and take-two or three is permitted. In the sixties, seventies and eighties time was money and mistakes often went to air in all the serials. But with modern technology and things like editing, we don’t often get to see bloopers within the shows anymore. And some viewers miss those fluffed lines, dodgy sets and random cameras wandering into the shot.

If you like that kind of thing then tonight ITV offer up a brand new helping of laugh out loud, behind-the-scenes bloopers and outtakes from Coronation Street narrated by Julie Walters. Stars Simon Gregson, Ben Price, Alexandra Mardell, Ian Bartholomew, Jack P. Shepherd, Charlie de Melo, Sue Devaney and Daniel Brocklebank fondly recall those moments when things didn’t quite go to plan on the cobbles.

Coronation Street Soapy Slip-Ups, ITV/STV/UTV, 8 pm

Art on the BBC

The Beeb suggest this is the best programme of all their output this evening. How posh.

Art historian David Dibosa examines six decades of BBC archive to create a television history of Salvador Dali. Often called art’s greatest showman and the world’s first celebrity artist, Dali shamelessly used TV to promote his art and himself. Dali’s striking dreamlike images made his name synonymous with the art movement Surrealism, and he shocked the world through film, fashion, sculpture and architecture.

In this film, David hunts through dozens of BBC programmes to try and understand the real Salvador Dali, not just the eccentric show-off that we usually see. Taking in films presented down the decades by Robert Hughes, Sister Wendy and Philippa Perry, David’s rich dive into the archives reveals how our understanding of Dali has changed dramatically through the years and is enhanced by films made by Dali himself.

Art on the BBC: The Great Salvador Dali, BBC Four, 9 pm

Down Under…

Over millions of years, Australia has evolved its own unique animal species in its vast, bewitching island continent, and if there’s one that is the country’s unchallenged icon, it’s the Koala.

Best known for Eucalyptus eating, pouch rearing and above all, sleeping. But these tranquil tree hunters have a hidden side. Capable of feats of agility, these tranquil creatures can show surprising displays of aggression.

Sky Nature meet a host of characters including Wendy and her baby Beau and a territorial male Jimmy. This is the secret life of the Koala.

Secret Life of the Koala, Sky Nature, 8 pm

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