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“The prize is love” tonight on Channel 4


“The prize is love” tonight on Channel 4

Best on the Box pick for January 11th…

“The idea of the show poses the question is it possible to find love just through body language and instinct and intuition and a vibe off someone? Is it possible to find love if you don’t speak the same language? And is love at first sight a real thing? Can you maintain love if you are culturally different and you don’t speak the same language? It’s a dating show and an experiment all rolled into one.” – host Davina McCall

In this dating series, British and Spanish singletons pair up at a dreamy Spanish country estate to see if they can find romance – despite not speaking each other’s language.

Set in a stunning finca in Andalucía, host Davina McCall is joined by Spanish TV host, actor and singer Ricky Merino, who will interpret how the relationships are developing. Is love deeper than just words? And can sparks fly even with a language barrier?

“I think the most important thing to say is that this show is surprising in that it’s different from so many other dating shows in a lot of ways. Firstly, the contestants are different from the usual types of contestants you would find on a dating show. They are all invested in finding love. There’s no cash prize to be won. There’s no huge holiday off anywhere. The prize is love. So they’re incentivised to find love and not fame and success. The other thing is, because of the cultural differences, it’s so flipping funny. It’s so unexpectedly hilarious at times.” – Davina McCall

The newly formed couples will take part in challenges and tasks to help test their connection while learning about each other’s countries, culture and languages. At the end of the series, the international lovers will face a big dilemma: should they call it quits, stay together long-distance, or even move to a new country to be with their newfound love? Will the daters choose amor or adiós? In the second episode, the language barrier continues to frustrate the daters, with a misunderstanding bringing one of the British women to tears.

The two groups attempt to help each other overcome their cultural differences by exchanging nationality-appropriate seduction tips. And two new couples get to know each other better in the Zona Romántica, with very mixed results, including a revelation that causes controversy and fury at La Selección.

“Love is action! The words you say in love are empty unless it’s followed by action. If you don’t show your love by actions, then loving words mean nothing.” – Davina McCall

The Language of Love, Channel 4, 10 pm

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