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Sheridan Smith is The Teacher


Sheridan Smith is The Teacher

Best on the Box highlight for January, 31st…

Jenna Garvey, a popular teacher with a chaotic private life, is accused of sleeping with one of her young pupils after a night out.

After legal proceedings, Jenna reassesses her life and starts to suspect Kyle lied.

Episode Guide

In the first episode this evening we meet teacher Jenna Garvey and it soon becomes clear that beneath the veneer of professional respectability, Jenna is emotionally troubled, seeking to numb her pain with alcohol and promiscuity.

After a night out celebrating a promotion, Jenna is accused of sleeping with Kyle Hope, a 15-year-old pupil.

In the second offering, Jenna’s life falls apart as she is formally charged with having sex with a minor. The press gets hold of her story and lets rip with salacious stories. She loses her job, her friends fall away and Jenna’s self-esteem shrinks further as she’s forced to stay with her cold, critical father. While the third edition sees the story continue with Jenna receiving a suspended sentence. The situation makes Jenna reevaluate her life, and make a positive new start – she stops drinking and starts to restore her life to something worthwhile.

In the fourth episode, Jenna suspects she has an enemy, and a confrontation with this man uncovers the twisted truth behind Kyle’s lie. But the whole sordid incident has only served to help Jenna face her demons, and she comes away stronger and victorious.

The Teacher, Channel 5, 9 pm

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