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Dr Amir Khan urges ‘wider measures’ to help Ukraine’s refugees


Dr Amir Khan urges ‘wider measures’ to help Ukraine’s refugees

Dr Amir Khan has travelled to Poland.

Dr Khan visited the country to see first-hand the medical problems facing the newly displaced refugees from Ukraine – and says any aid has to be a global effort.

Speaking yesterday (March, 25th) to Good Morning Britain hosts Charlotte Hawkins and Ben Shepherd from a humanitarian aid centre in the country, which is coping with the biggest migration crisis in Europe since the second world war, he detailed what he’s seen there –  including dehydration, infection and trauma.

Dr Amir:

“The scale of it, unless you’ve been here, is hard to imagine. There’s 6000 people coming through here every single day from Ukraine. Their immediate needs are being met – food, water, shelter, safety – then we open up the health needs.

“Many of them have been travelling for days, they’ve been on packed buses, viruses, diarrhoea, infestations like scabies and lice are common – all of these are being treated by the medics. There’s lots of chest infections, people with chronic diseases need their medication. The medics are working round the clock here.”

He praised the Polish for their work so far, saying how welcoming and well-organised the centre is, but added, “We can’t just rely on the countries that border Ukraine – it has to go wider.”

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