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BBC Release details on final series of The Split


BBC Release details on final series of The Split

The Split returns for a third, six-part series to BBC One.

Set in the fast-paced, complex world of London’s high-end divorce circuit, The Split is an authentic, multi-layered and witty examination of modern marriage and the legacy of divorce.

Abi Morgan, Writer, Creator and Director:

“I think it’s like the end of any good relationship, it’s conflicted! I feel really happy and proud and excited to be showing this final series. I always intended it to be this three-arc structure, that was about the legacy of a marital split that permeates Hannah’s life, and then that triggers her own split within her own relationship, and then subsequent split in her marriage. Now it comes to it though, the hardest thing is letting go of the characters and the alchemy of that collaboration of actors. They’re very inspiring to write for and Nicola (Walker) at the helm in the role of Hannah really sets the tone, so I feel really sad to let go of those characters!”

The drama follows the messy lives of the three Defoe sisters, Hannah (Nicola Walker), Nina (Annabel Scholey) and Rose (Fiona Button) and their formidable mother Ruth (Deborah Findlay), Abi Morgan is set to conclude the trilogy with the most dramatic and heartbreaking series to date, as we watch a divorce lawyer confronted by her very own divorce.

Adding fuel to the fire, the catalyst to the breakdown of Hannah and Nathan’s marriage, Christie (Barry Atsma), will also return to the final series, which sees Hannah and Nathan’s formerly rock-solid marriage unravel as they try to come to an amicable separation agreement.

As Hannah and Nathan begin to divide up their 20 years together, Hannah faces what she is about to lose and a shocking revelation dramatically changes the stakes. As the battlelines are redrawn, we wonder if their dream of achieving the ‘good divorce’ is even possible. Will they find a path through the wreckage, or is The Split simply too deep to repair?

Abi Morgan, Writer, Creator and Director:

“In many ways I think there’s more story to be told, but because it’s a relationship drama, I mean how many times can Hannah get married and divorced?! I guess it came back to that really, which was that this was always about wanting to take the sting out of divorce and look at what it means in our modern society now, how one can survive and come through the other side, and can you have a good divorce? Ultimately this show, though it’s complex and conflicted at times, it’s about the fact that divorce is manageable and possible and shouldn’t be taboo or a sign of failure.”

The first episode airs on Monday, April 4th at 9 pm on BBC One.

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