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Stars pay tribute to June Brown


Stars pay tribute to June Brown

Following the sad news June Brown died on April 3rd, EastEnders cast past and present, along with many other star names, have been remembering the performer with affection…

June Brown died at her home in Surrey on Sunday with her family by her side. Not quite an original EastEnder, June made her first appearance as Dot Cotton in the soap on July 4th, 1985. The chain-smoking hypochondriac went on to become one of EastEnders’ best-loved characters and was a fixture in Albert Square for more than three decades.

“I’m lost for words, something June never was. So many memories, so much fun. Just purely and simply an incredible woman who had the most incredible life and career, I was fortunate to have shared a small part of it. They never made you a Dame (we did try), but to me you will always be Dame Brown.” – Adam Woodyatt, ‘Ian’ in EastEnders

“My beloved June, I truly loved you. Not just a phenomenal actress but a very dear friend. Oh the fun we have had over the years! I will never stop loving you, THANK YOU for your kindness and your generosity and for loving me the way you did. Sending all my dearest love to June’s family at this devastating time. God bless you June.”Letitia Dean, ‘Sharon’ in EastEnders

I am so sad to hear the news about My June. She taught me everything I know. We laughed, we drank red wine, we learnt lines. She told me all her stories which I will keep close to my heart forever and she knew all of mine. We have lost a legend and the best character actress EastEnders has ever seen and will ever see. I will miss her so much.” – Natalie Cassidy, ‘Sonia’ in EastEnders

“I’m truly heartbroken by this news. June Brown OBE, MBE, was an amazing woman and a truly wonderful actress. I shared many scenes with her over the years and she was always someone I looked up to and learnt from. There will never be another June Brown and I’m sending all my love to her family.” – Gillian Taylforth, ‘Kathy’ in EastEnders

June Brown and John Bardon

“My first week at EastEnders I was so nervous but June invited me into her dressing room for a chat and she was so very encouraging. I remember she presented me with a small snow globe, with Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz inside it and she said, “let no one dim your shine”. I still have that snow globe.

“We went on to have many chats in her dressing room – I loved her stories, her memories, the smell of her perfume and I will never forget our time spent together. June was so young at heart and thoroughly with the times – she was worlds away from her character. She always told me to speak up, to not be afraid to ask questions, have fun, life is too short for worry.

“She always made me smile, she was such a beautiful soul, and had a wonderful energy. Everyone loved June’s energy and positivity. She was so very talented, had a great career, a beautiful heart, and always had time for everyone. Such an icon. We will miss her terribly. Rest in peace Queen.” – Shona McGarty, ‘Whitney’ in EastEnders

“Working with June was like being part of an acting masterclass of dreams. The way she coloured every line, choreographed her movement to perfection, she knew exactly how she was going to deliver her scenes. I would watch, listen and be totally captivated by her. She was an inspiration and I am truly blessed to have worked with and laughed with this unbelievably talented lady, icon, and legend. The irreplaceable June Brown.” – Emma Barton, ‘Honey’ in EastEnders

Soap Queens, June Brown and Barbara Windsor

“My first day with her June said ‘do you know it dear?’ In make-up ‘yes’ I said. ‘Good, let’s run through it’ she read as we walked to set. Once there she was word perfect. Detail and truthfulness were her watchwords and she was so funny. R.I.P wonderful June.” – Paul Bradley, ‘Nigel’ in EastEnders

“You turn up on your first day at work and you’re blessed with the presence of the likes of June Brown, Barbara Windsor and Wendy Richard… all these incredible icons. It’s just mind-blowing. To watch them work over the years, it truly is an honour because they work with the old-school glamour that isn’t around anymore. [June] wasn’t like Dot so much at all. She really had a great sense of humour, she was incredibly witty and she was so young at heart.

“She knew everything. She was just full of knowledge. What 90-something year old can become friends with Lady Gaga? She was really quite incredible.” – Lacey Turner, ‘Stacey’ in EastEnders

“Rest in Peace June. A privilege to have known and worked with you, the matriarch of the Branning family. You were nobodies fool, funny, super bright and talented and cared for your craft with passion and detail.” – Jo Joyner, ‘Tanya’ in EastEnders

“I am devastated to hear of the news that ‘Mrs B’ has passed… I am so lucky that we spent so much time together X. She taught me so much” – Ricky Norwood, ‘Fatboy’ in EastEnders

Wendy Richard and June Brown

“In my humble opinion, June Brown WAS EastEnders. Her voice, her mannerisms, her character, her look were all carefully crafted choices by one of the country’s most beloved and gifted actors. June was all about craft and character. Her determination to uphold these things and to respect the true work in character acting, kept our ship stable and remain in the soul of the show.”

“After all, that is what makes great television and June and Dot Cotton are National Treasures. I’ll be drinking a sherry for her tonight to thank her for all she gave us and personally, what I learned from her. Night night June. Rest In Peace.” – Diane Parish, ‘Denise’ in EastEnders

“Ah June, what a joy she was to work with, her withering dry humor and effortless charm took me by surprise every day, she was a mischievous joker that always managed to make me laugh unexpectedly. RIP June Brown, thanks for the greatness, glad I was around to see it.” – Rob Kazinsky, ‘Sean’ in EastEnders

“I had the honour of working with a legend and learning from a consummate professional. She was good to me. Kind to me. From the beginning. And I thank you! You will be missed June. from Mazmood (invented by June!) RIP JUNE BROWN.” – Nitin Ganatra, ‘Masood’ in EastEnders

As funny as she was wise, as wise as she was kind. When I joined Eastenders, June was the first of the older cast to embrace me. I love you June. We all do.” – Michelle Gayle, ‘Hattie’ in EastEnders

I was once at a BBC party with June Brown. We went out for a ciggie. A bouncer came and told her off for bringing a drink outside. She charmed him and kept him chatting whilst finishing both her ciggie and red wine. She then handed him the empty glass and we went back inside.” – Jonathan Harvey, writer for Coronation Street

“June was a mentor to me. When I first arrived on set she took me in and was so warm and approachable. We shared some memorable iconic scenes together. This sharp, witty energetic lady will be missed and may her beautiful soul RIP” – Rudolph Walker CBE, ‘Patrick’ in EastEnders

This is very sad, but what a legend she was at EastEnders. I remember being summoned to her dressing room to discuss a script. There was a line of people waiting to see her, including the then exec producer. She had an encyclopaedic knowledge of EE and loved it with a passion.” – Thomas Hescott, director on EastEnders

…Never was anyone so passionate about ones character than June! She cared deeper than rivers about Dot and the programme in general.She was a total pleasure & ball to be around.Strong memories of walking back to the lot in fits of laughter after hearing some of her stories.” – Mark Homer, ‘Tony’ in EastEnders

RIP June… A true pro and Eastenders legend. Lucky to have met and worked with her, I’ll always remember her kindness and the many laughs.” – Jake Wood, ‘Max’ in EastEnders

Gretchen Franklin and June Brown.

I remember filming a big Queen Vic scene with and June Brown and Letitia Dean. They were chattering away when June Brown was passed the new £10 to use in the scene. She looked at it puzzled. “How is one supposed to chase the dragon with that”. Absolute legend. RIP. Ted Reilly, ‘Johnny’ in EastEnders

Deeply sad to hear of the passing of June Brown. An endlessly gracious actress & human. Living & giving fully. With boundless energy & razor sharp instincts for tragedy & comedy. Above all generous with her time, I was lucky to spend some with her on and off screen. Bravo JB” – Lucy Speed, ‘Natalie’ in EastEnders

Sleep tight June. You were the strongest, ballsiest, fiercest, most supremely talented legend I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. I’ll treasure playing your grandson forever RIP #100%Cotton.” – Declan Bennett, ‘Charlie’ in EastEnders

She was so detailed. The only actor on the square who checked for traffic before crossing the road. She would continue playing the scene beyond the scripted lines so it was difficult to call cut on her. She imaginatively inhabited that Walford world so completely. Extraordinary.” – Rebecca Gatward, director on EastEnders

Oh June 🥲 what words can I say about such a wonderful woman !!!! I honestly thought you would be here forever . Such a BRILLIANT ACTRESS !!!!! YOU ARE EASTENDERS ! Such an ICON and so much fun to work with . I loved working on scenes with you.

“Your silence, your clever delivery of even the most terrible scripts 😂😂 I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU . You brought joy to so many for many years . June I love you have a safe transition. Babara Is surely waiting for you to take care of you up there . RIP you beautiful woman . You always get the award for best actress in my book . Stunning , professional to the core ! A true actress from those wonderful days of inspiration for the younger generation that wanted to act . I loved your story’s . Always had a fag hanging out your mouth but you wouldn’t be you without it.” – Patsy Palmer, ‘Bianca’ in EastEnders

“RIP June Brown an absolute legend. A brilliant actress and truly a noble soul. I loved working with you. Thoughts with your friends and beloved family.” – Tracy-Ann Oberman, ‘ Chrissie ‘ in EastEnders

In 1985 when I was doing work experience at Enders Dot had a crutch and I had to hold it for her. June would yell ‘Daran, grab me crotch” and laugh! Years later when I wrote the vicar washing her feet she insisted Dot had to say she had ugly feet. God bless dear lady xx” – Daran Little, writer on EastEnders

“Gutted to hear about the passing of June Brown. Here we are Donkeys years ago at The Kings Head in Islington watching Sally Lindsay in a play. ( the colour of my hair…) I’d given up the fags but June insisted on blowing smoke in my mouth to ‘cheer you up, dear’.

“She played a stripper in the Lily Savage show along with Gabby Roslyn and the late Bella Emberg and she was brilliant. A great actress and a lovely human being. I’ve still not got over the phone call I got off her when I was at the Palladium telling me that she had two rescue donkeys for me and where did I want them? My sympathy and love go out to her family.” – Comedian Paul O’Grady

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