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Home and Away: Mackenzie is no less in debt, but somehow more humiliated

Pick of the Plots

Home and Away: Mackenzie is no less in debt, but somehow more humiliated

This week in Summer Bay…

MondayTane assures Felicity his hopes for their future are real, not a reaction to grief. Getting cold feet, Felicity avoids further discussion of their romantic future. Instead, she hunts down Cash for some big brother advice, but he doesn’t see the problem. They clearly are crazy about each other. So why is Felicity so afraid of a future with Tane?

Felicity has reservations about having a family after her disastrous childhood. She’s not sure motherhood is for her, but suspects this will crush Tane’s hopes since family is so important to him. Cash is understanding but pushes Felicity to be honest with Tane. Summoning courage, Felicity admits to Tane that she might never want kids or marriage, but she understands if it’s a deal-breaker for him. Wounded, Tane tells Felicity he can’t do this and asks her to leave. As the future casts a shadow on their present relationship Felicity wonders, is this the end of her & Tane?

Rebounding from his discussion about the future with Felicity, Cash decides to discuss his future with Jasmine. Luckily for Cash, Jasmine wants the same things he does. Marriage, kids, a home. It’s all on the cards for them. The couple are relieved to be on the same page.

Tuesday: Mia tries getting her life back on track, starting with the gym. Despite her grief, she does an impressive job of keeping it together. Mia can sense something is up with Tane. She encourages him to discard the burden of family responsibility, & vent to her. Tane appreciates the offer but holds his guard up. Feeling obligated, Tane turns his attention outward, trying to shore up the happiness of everyone around him. But who is checking in on him? Mia gets a bittersweet delivery in the mail: one marriage certificate, and one death certificate. It’s a sad reduction of her life. Mia falters, but Tane is there to catch her fall.

The boys club continues with Leah out of town. Justin & Theo avoid the kitchen and head out for pizza…again. Much to his delight, John is invited along. Theo makes John promise not to tell Leah about his community service. As if on cue, Leah calls Justin mid-dinner. Theo overhears their conversation, shocked to learn that Leah isn’t overseas but in the city with Theo’s parents. Theo feels betrayed. How could they go behind his back like this?

Nikau & Bella’s gate-crashed dinner gets tense. Chloe makes herself at home, provoking Nikau’s frustration. Sick of biting his tongue, Nikau confronts Chloe. Feeling attacked, Chloe tearfully retreats. But Bella steps in to keep the peace, reassuring Chloe she is welcome to stay. Nikau’s night is ruined when Bella decides to stay up watching movies with Chloe. Nikau tries to be patient for Bella’s sake, but uncomfortably discovers Chloe tucking Bella in on the couch, after a night up late talking. Somehow the tables have turned. Now Nikau feels like he’s intruding.

Wednesday: A vulnerable Mia asks Tane to give her some space, feeling smothered by his concern for her. There is nothing he can do to make her feel any better. Mia’s self-help ends with her drunkenly slumped at the bar, hassling Felicity for more wine.

Felicity tries to give Tane space but can’t handle the suspense. Where do they stand? She fears the worst for their relationship. But Tane does a full reversal. Ari’s death has reminded him that the future can be gone in an instant. All that matters is the present – and that includes his relationship with Felicity. Felicity leaps for joy, the couple reunited.

Justin comes clean to Theo; Leah is with Dimitri trying to repair the rift between father & son. Theo is infuriated that they would go behind his back. Theo airs his frustration at work, hitting an unsuspecting Ziggy with hostility. Justin steps in to smooth things over. A wounded Theo assumes Leah’s real intention is to get rid of him and won’t hear Justin’s objections. In a show of love & commitment, Justin offers Theo an apprenticeship. Theo is touched. But it leaves a bad taste in Ziggy’s mouth. Justin can’t understand, why doesn’t Ziggy want Theo as an apprentice?

Marilyn & Roo touch base after Marilyn’s long-awaited return. Alf returns unexpectedly with some bad news…

Thursday: Ziggy thinks Theo’s attitude is a problem and doesn’t want to work with him. She’s infuriated with Justin for hiring Theo as an apprentice without consulting her. But Justin says his decision is final. What’s got into Ziggy? Ziggy goes on the feminist warpath. Why didn’t Justin consider hiring a woman? Dean stays out of it, knowing better than to obstruct a charging Ziggy.

Ziggy confronts Justin, armed with a stack of women’s CVs. She’s not going to stand by and watch while a man gets a free ride when a woman doesn’t get a look in. Justin counters that it’s his business and his decision. He considers Ziggy & Theo family and wants it to be a family business. Ziggy softens at Justin’s comradery but quips that she’s keeping the women’s CVs on file. A truce is settled between Justin & Ziggy, but what’s in store for Ziggy & Theo?

Roo begs Dr Logan Bennett to contact Martha’s medical team in Merimbula. She wants to know how serious Martha’s situation is. Roo can’t promise not to bring up the transplant unless she knows it’s hopeless. Logan confirms the worst. Martha is deteriorating, showing signs of heart disease. It’s only a matter of time. Roo faces the real possibility of Martha’s coming death. Exasperated, Roo asks Alf how he could hide this from her.

Mackenzie gets a disturbing letter in the mail, distracting her from Ryder’s cocktail showcase. Suddenly sour, Mackenzie tells Ryder to forget his new cocktail menu, it’s not happening. When Dean shows up for a bite, Mackenzie snaps that there’s no rounds on the house today. Mackenzie is sick of being taken for a financial ride by everyone. Now she’s calling in her debts & demanding respect. Dean investigates Mackenzie’s change of tune. A flustered Mackenzie gets a call from her insurance provider with terrible news: her policy won’t cover the damages from the gas attack.

Friday: Jasmine & Cash find their housemate rhythm, cooking up a competitive storm in the kitchen. Irene is glad to have a happy home. Never sick of each other, Jasmine & Cash take their competition to the beach, unable to keep their first run casual. Cash can’t resist the race and hurtles to the finish line. Jasmine is unimpressed with his unchivalrous hurrah but takes it lightly. At least they have fun together.

Roo feels like Martha is already lost to her, even as she clings to life. Worried that this may be her last chance to reconcile with Martha, Roo picks up the phone.

Mackenzie stifles her debt fears & spends a romantic night in with Logan. Logan, perhaps a little distracted by Mackenzie’s flirtation, doesn’t notice that anything is wrong. Mackenzie does a good act. But even a half-naked Logan can’t distract her from the piling bills. Dean has an idea – they could ask their father for money. Mackenzie flat out refuses. With her back to the wall, Mackenzie starts making some harsh business decisions.

Mackenzie is startled to get a call from her Dad out of the blue. Outraged, Mackenzie hunts down Dean to give him an earful. How dare he tell Rick about her debt? Dean is in the dog house. Mackenzie is no less in debt, but somehow more humiliated.

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