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Sky reveal preview of Blocco 181


Sky reveal preview of Blocco 181

Sky today released the official trailer for Blocco 181 from Sky Italia, coming soon to Sky Atlantic and NOW in the UK.

Blocco 181 explores love and crime, set to the rhythms of rap and reggaeton, in a hyper-real, ultra-colourful and multicultural Milan. This new Sky Original series is a dark fairy tale, starring Italian rap-music pioneer Salmo, who also acts as music supervisor and creative producer.

Sky Atlantic:

“Blocco 181 is the Milan that is never shown. A swath of the city’s outskirts centred around a hive of illegal flats, a place where suspicious, threatening looks are exchanged daily. On one hand, there are the kids from the block who protect the cocaine dealers. On the other hand, there are the pandilleros of Misa, who are hungry, and ready to give up their lives for their gang.”

Set in the fictional block 181, an imposing apartment complex on the hidden outskirts of Milan, the series follows the story of block residents Bea (Laura Osma), Ludo (Alessandro Piavani) and Mahdi (Andrea Dodero).

These three characters at the heart of the story come from different backgrounds but are brought together by a strong bond; Bea is a Latin-American girl, torn between loyalty to her family, the dangerous Misa gang, and a desire to change her life, whilst Ludo and Mahdi are two friends that come from different social classes but are as close as brothers. A dangerous triangle ultimately forms that challenges the rules of their social identities, as the trio navigate love, family, sex, crime, and emancipation.

Alongside his creative roles, Salmo makes his acting debut as Snake, the (armed) right-hand man to Lorenzo (Alessandro Tedeschi), a drug dealer and childhood friend of Rizzo (Alessio Praticò), the neighbourhood ‘boss’.

Blocco 181 will be available in all Sky markets including UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Austria & Switzerland. The eight-part series is the first Italian in-house production from Sky Studios, with TapelessFilm and Red Joint Film.

Sky Atlantic:

“As guns and machetes are brandished, an intimate, passionate love story comes to the fore. It includes Bea, a sensual and fearless pandillera; Ludo, a middle-class party boy; and Mahdi, a protective guy from the block. Their relationship is all about sex, friendship, and belonging to a new sort of family, which will see them making their way up through the criminal hierarchy together, as the Latinos and kids from the block battle it out.”

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