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Pick of the Plots: Tuesday 24th May

Pick of the Plots

Pick of the Plots: Tuesday 24th May

Your Pick of the Plots for Tuesday, May 24.

Your Pick of the Plots for Tuesday, May 24.

Sam spots Ben coming out of The Albert and winds him up about staying out all night. At their flat, Callum is suspicious about where has Ben has been but when they bump into Lewis, Lewis lies that he and Ben were out on the town.

Ben confronts Lewis about his actions but Lewis tells him that he was the instigator. Alone, Ben looks over his messages to Lewis but is spotted by Jay who is unimpressed to see what Ben has been up to.

Meanwhile, as Callum collects his thoughts, Sam passes by and winds him up, telling him she saw Ben coming out of The Albert. At their flat, Callum bluntly asks Ben if he slept with Lewis and with Ben still processing everything that happened, he doesn’t deny it.

Elsewhere, Mick shares his plans for the Jubilee celebrations with Sonia and Kathy but when Rocky hears, he puts his foot in it with Sonia.

Also, Honey gives Sam a warning; Lola tries to make things up to Frankie.

EastEnders, BBC One, 7.30pm

Leyla is alarmed when Suzy sees sense.

Meanwhile, Samson attempts to reassure Amelia, who feels humiliated after a negative comment was posted on a picture on her social media.

Elsewhere, David has seen the perfect engagement ring in town, but Pollard thinks he should be taking things more slowly with Victoria.

Emmerdale, ITV, 7.30pm

Ste is in charge of the salon when a romantic rendezvous cause a major slip-up. He’s forced to turn to Ethan for help. They take on a risky plan, but what will they do when they find out someone was watching?

Meanwhile, at The Dog, a double date set up by Prince breeds tension as Olivia struggles to stay cordial in front of her competition. Things get worse when Tom lets Prince’s history with Yazz slip out.

Elsewhere, Theresa brings in reinforcements to help Cleo make a decision.

Also, as Ollie makes plans, it’s revealed that he has asked Thierry’s adoptive parents for a visit, but will he get good news?

Hollyoaks, Channel 4, 6.30pm

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