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Doctors: Maeve and Jimmi plan their night out

Pick of the Plots

Doctors: Maeve and Jimmi plan their night out

This week in Letherbridge.

Monday: Rob and Karen visit Valerie after the burglary to check she’s okay, and see a locksmith putting lots of locks on the door. Karen stays with Valerie to look after her. Valerie opens up and tells Karen about her odd dream last night, about the lion. Valerie brings up Heston, and his burglary. Karen tells her that’s not the same – she didn’t attack the burglar. Valerie concludes that the beast in her dream was… her! But one Karen has gone, she is clearly not ready, and can’t sleep, and waits with a hammer. Vulnerable.

Jimmi and Maeve work evening shift at Sutton Vale. But when they put the kettle on, something trips and the place is plunged into darkness. Their flirting increases as they find the fuse box, and Jimmi sorts it out. Later, he forgets and puts the kettle on. Darkness again! He deals with it, but as they walk back they realise the kettle is back on, and it goes again!

Emma goes on a flight of fancy when examining two men, but gets it all wrong.

Tuesday: A special edition sees Josh Tiverton and his wife Laruen Tiverton can’t come to an amicable divorce settlement, so they have decided to divvy up their possessions in a paintball game.

Each team member wears an image of the household object up for grabs, either Josh or Lauren win depending on whether their team member survives till the end of the game or they shoot the other player. The Tiverton’s marriage hit the rocks when they wanted to have children, but they couldn’t because of Josh’s fertility issues.

Lauren and Josh both learn that they want to try and forgive and move on, but Lauren is determined that she ought to tell Josh the truth.

Wednesday: Scarlett is worried that Bear is going to sack her, but is relieved when he in fact says that her trial period has been a success and they’d like her to stay on. Karen is pleased for her, but Scarlett is then upset to discover that she has to work the evening shift, and cancel her plans.

Al teases Jimmi about rumours of him and Maeve. Maeve today has a plaster on her nose. Jimmi admits to Al that they had a moment, and that they banged heads. Al jokes that he assaulted her. Why doesn’t he just ask her out. Al visits Valerie, to distract her with food and films – and Jimmi gossip! Meanwhile, Jimmi and Maeve agree that they should go out, she jokes about the incident, reveals her nose is fine and the awkwardness ends. Al tries to gee up and get Valerie to see that she is in control.

Sid has to get to the bottom of a complicated family issue.

Thursday: Today it is Ruhma’s turn to visit Valerie, and Al tells her he is concerned about her decision to sell up. When Ruhma arrives, Valerie is seeing an estate agent. Ruhma is gentle, and tells her she’s just glad Valerie seems happy again, and in control. But she makes Valerie realise that moving isn’t necessarily going to solve the problems, and Valerie starts to second guess herself.

She realises she is trying to run from her demons, when in fact she needs to confront them. After jumping at her letterbox being used, Valerie is inspired by a flyer with a lion on. Her dream! She decides she is going to audition to be the Letherbridge Lion – the Letherbridge mascot for the Birmingham Commonwealth Games!

Maeve and Jimmi plan their night out, and it’s all going swimmingly and very well, but during a drink at the Icon when discuss whether work place relationships work – they awkwardly bump into Karen and Rob. After extricating themselves, Jimmi’s car has been clamped and their plans go awry. Instead of a nice restaurant, the date ends up being fish and chips while sat on a wall.

Daniel and Zara have to deal with an unexpected domestic incident at home.

Doctors, BBC One, Monday to Thursday, 1.45 pm.

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