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Home and Away: Alf’s fussing over Martha is getting on her nerves

Pick of the Plots

Home and Away: Alf’s fussing over Martha is getting on her nerves

This week in Summer Bay…

Monday: Jasmine pulls out all the bells and whistles that Summer Bay has to offer to convince Xander to stick around. Cash is wary of Rose’s rash decision to transfer to Yabbie Creek Police station. He doesn’t want Jasmine to get her hopes up about Xander and Rose staying.

Irene is anxious about the upcoming building renovations. How will she keep her customers happy with half the entrances blocked off? Irene and Logan clock an enraged Dimitri on the phone in the carpark. Dimitri is hastily packing his things, desperately leaving voicemails for Theo.

At the hospital, Justin has a seizure, sending Leah & Theo into panic. The police arrive at the hospital to take a statement from Justin about the assault, but Justin sends them away. This is already hard enough for Leah & Theo without police involvement. Unable to bear Dimitri doing any more damage to her loved ones, Leah resolves to go to the police herself.

Leah arrives at the police station to report Dimitri’s assault on Justin. Defensive, Dimitri claims he has no criminal record, he was only acting in self-defence. But Theo sets the record straight for Cash – Dimitri has done this before. He did it to Theo.

Tuesday: The ‘friendly’ game of volleyball between Jasmine & Rose turns fierce. Spectators begin to congregate for the entertainment. Xander reminds his sisters that it’s only a free meal at stake, but clearly this is a battle for so much more.

Alf’s fussing over Martha is getting on her nerves. Roo worries that Martha’s irritability could send her backtracking on her transplant decision. A repentant Martha declares that she’ll never put Roo through that again. Alf, Martha & Roo push through the tension on a family beach walk, discussing what the post-operative future will hold. Roo & Martha prepare to have their first visit with the transplant coordinator. Martha’s recovery is right on track. But Roo discovers Martha having a coughing fit alone in the kitchen. Is Martha’s condition more serious than they thought?

John comes to check in with Justin at the hospital. The two men lament what Theo must have suffered throughout his childhood at the hands of Dimitri.

Cash watches Dimitri break down through the window. Theo harbours guilt about bringing violence onto Justin, but Justin assures him that Dimitri’s violence is his own doing. John gets a concerning call about surf club business. Irene & Jasmine wonder what the fuss is about?

Wednesday: Mackenzie’s debt troubles have a way of hanging around. The pressure for her poker nights to succeed keeps mounting. A flustered John warns Mackenzie that the surf club is onto her for not paying rent in two months.

At the hospital, Martha and Roo meet with the transplant coordinator. It’s not all positive news. They need to redo the blood work from last time, since their health may have changed in the interim. Martha keeps her spirits up but can’t suppress a dry cough. The transplant coordinator organises to have a doctor examine her. Could it mean Martha is not well enough for surgery?

Dr Logan Bennett comes to give Martha’s chest an inspection. He’s not completely at ease with what he observes, ordering some more tests on Martha’s chest & lungs. A tearful Martha is consoled by Alf & Roo, who declare they can get through this as a family. In a private moment with Marilyn, Alf confesses that Martha may never be ready for the transplant. And her stress about the situation could send her health downhill quickly. Martha could be facing an early death & Alf feels powerless to help her.

Thursday: Tane checks in with an absent-minded Mia. She’s gazing off to sea, her mind elsewhere. Tane suggests Mia help teach some PT sessions, but she’s not up to it.

Nikau & Bella stay supportive for Chloe, but Chloe has changed her tune. Her priority is now Mia & her wellbeing. But the pressure to keep Mia upbeat is exhausting. Chloe isn’t sure she’s up to the task. Mia decided to stay in the Bay for Chloe, but is having Mia attached at the hip sustainable? Chloe catches a lonely Mia crying to herself & ditches the plans with her friends. Mia needs her right now, no matter how hard it is for Chloe to handle.

Dean catches on to Mackenzie’s ‘emergency’ rent non-payment, grilling her about Nathan hanging around at Salt. Did he have something to do with Mac not paying John? Felicity and Ryder are shocked to learn Mackenzie gave Nathan money. She barely knows him. Felicity defensively insists he’s not debt-ridden, she wouldn’t invite a problem like that into their secret poker nights.

Alf comes charging into Salt to discuss the unpaid rent with a frazzled Mackenzie. But Alf’s steam blows off quickly when he sees how apologetic and honest Mac is about her financial situation. Alf promises to advocate to the surf club committee on Mac’s behalf if she can be honest with him. The two find a comfortable agreement.

Dean feels powerless to prevent Mac’s dangerous downward spiral.

Friday: Felicity has got the ball rolling on the next Poker night at Salt.

Ryder’s plans to get the ‘awesome foursome’ back together again are thwarted by Chloe’s decision to stay home with an emotional Mia. Mia is flattered that Chloe would turn down a night with her friends to have mother/daughter time together. Mia is buoyed by Chloe’s enthusiasm – they go all out in the kitchen preparing a roast dinner.

Roo keeps up a brave face for Ryder, but with Alf she’s a mess. Martha’s spiralling health is making the transplant increasingly unlikely. Alf is devastated too but feels powerless to help. Roo regrets being so hard on Martha about refusing the transplant before. Perhaps Martha would have come around to the idea sooner if Roo was gentler?

Alf & Marilyn assure Roo that what ifs won’t help now. Only focussing on the present can help Martha through. Marilyn suggests turning Roo’s doom-and-gloom outlook brighter. A positive outlook could really boost her morale – & Martha’s. Roo takes heed & refuses to accept Martha’s situation as futile. She dives head first into research on stress reduction & positivity on blood pressure & heart conditions. Alf cautions her to be realistic, but Roo cuts through. Being hopeful & proactive helps them feel less powerless. Alf can hear reason in Roo’s words.

Ryder is role-playing as a poker dealer to an unenthused Nikau & Bella. They were excited to cheer up Chloe, but without her the faux-casino surprise feels lame. Why are they doing this anyway? Ryder gets defensive, clearly invested in his role as dealer. Deciding the excitement comes from real stakes, Ryder proposes some winnings – a free juice for the victor.

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