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River City: Words are spoken and uncomfortable truths are delivered

Pick of the Plots

River City: Words are spoken and uncomfortable truths are delivered

This week in Shieldinch and for the final time until August…

Monday: Facing an uncertain future, Ruby admits to Maggie she’s worried the pregnancy test will be positive. With a new life in London on the horizon, Ruby confesses she no longer wants to be her Aunt Ellie’s surrogate. Maggie offers words of support and leaves to buy the all-important pregnancy test.

However, when Maggie bumps into Ellie, words are spoken and uncomfortable truths are delivered. Ellie remains defiant in the face of family criticism and charges off to confront Ruby to find out the test results.

An emotionally fragile Ruby struggles with Ellie’s behaviour, realising her aunt will stop at nothing to get her way. As tension mounts, Maggie and Caitlin plead with Ellie to see reason but her desperation casts doubt over family harmony for the McLeans.

Elsewhere, Tyler fears for Nicole’s safety as Darren’s behaviour grows increasingly controlling. When Nicole reveals Darren is about to whisk her away on holiday, Tyler grows concerned his brother has sinister motives.

Desperate to protect Nicole, Tyler turns to Lenny for help, fearing Darren has murderous intentions for Nicole. Lenny hatches a plan but warns Tyler his next move will sever Foulkes family ties forever. Karen turns to Alex for emotional support when the hospital delivers the results of her biopsy. Together, they deliver the news to Jessie – Karen has ovarian cancer.

Wednesday: Nicole’s nerves are shattered as she prepares to put Tyler’s plan into action to rid them of Darren. Alex’s behaviour spirals in the aftermath of Karen’s diagnosis and focuses his fury on Darren Foulkes. Lenny tries to make Alex see reason, steering him away for irrational, drunken thoughts.

At the hotel, Nicole tries to act normal, desperate to keep Darren on side. She spots an opportunity to action the murderous plan, slipping a sedative into Darren’s drink when his back is turned.

However, Darren has the upper hand, leading to an explosive showdown with arch enemy Lenny at the Candle Rooms. When a mysterious figure triggers their own revenge plan, the lives of Darren, Lenny and Nicole are left hanging in the balance with Alex and Tyler watching on, helplessly.

Elsewhere, Ruby prepares to bid a fond farewell to Shieldinch to start a new life in London. Her departure is overshadowed by Ellie’s sudden disappearance with the McLean family unable to find her anywhere. Convinced something is wrong, Maggie fears the worst but Caitlin tries to remain positive – Ellie just needs time alone, she’ll be back home soon.

However, when AJ reveals a note Ellie left for the family, Maggie and Caitlin grow concerned all is not well and fear the worst. When Bernie spots Poppy and Sam being very friendly, she jumps to conclusions and drops a bombshell on Stevie. Stunned at the thought of his ex-girlfriend and father growing close, Stevie confronts the pair and is shocked when the truth is revealed.

River City, BBC Scotland Channel, Monday and Wednesday, 10 pm. Repeated on BBC One Scotland on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 pm.

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