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Doctors: Emma and Jasmine confront Blake

Pick of the Plots

Doctors: Emma and Jasmine confront Blake

This week in Letherbridge.

Monday: Jimmi surprises Maeve by taking her to play crazy golf for their date. They have great fun, but then Maeve starts to take it all too seriously. Valerie is at her first event as Leona, the Leatherbridge Commonwealth mascot. The photo shoot with the Mayor and the school girl competition winner who designed the winning mascot is all going well until Clara, also from the same school, befriends Valerie and things take an unexpected turn.

A spivvy pensioner makes a nuisance of himself at The Mill. Is he a lonely old man or a ruthless gold-digger?

Tuesday: Sid’s patient has a chest infection and he’s made to promise to go home. Instead, Mr Saintfield, way beyond retirement age, goes back to his manual job as a plasterer. This is most likely a bad idea for the pensioner. Jordan is fearing that her job will now be on the line with the problems still ongoing with the Letherbridge mascot.

Amy Gilson has just turned 18 and today her passport has arrived. This means she can follow her dream and go and live with her boyfriend, Gary in Goa. Her stepdad, Denny Gilson is furious, Amy’s boyfriend is an old work colleague of his and twenty years older than Amy. He also blames himself for introducing the two of them. Nurse Cathy gives Amy her vaccinations and isn’t very
impressed with Amy going to Goa, but that’s Cathy’s personal taste. When Denny brings to light Gary Thompson’s age, Cathy is equally alerted.

Wednesday: Scarlett finds out that Princess is just using her to do her paperwork. Scarlett threatens to report Princess, but then ponders a response from Princess that changes the situation. Bear, back from a lovely holiday visiting his mum in France, is shocked and appalled to discover a far from friendly face at The Mill.

Mel Stuart returns to her old home to find her mum, but is she too late?

Thursday: Emma is having flashbacks of when she and Jasmine Dajani were attacked. This is the day that she will be talking with Blake Atkins, her attacker, face to face. Getting ready, she has a brief talk on the phone with Zara, convincing her that she should wear what she wants and to stay strong. This is encouraging for Emma, when she arrives at the prison, Jasmine is there also which surprises her. They’re greeted by Ren Mackintosh who is in charge of the restorative justice session. Jasmine and Emma make small talk before Jasmine asks Emma to lie and tell Blake that they’re still together. Blake is brought into the room. The interaction starts off a little rocky and awkward, with heavy tension.

Later Emma explains that she still cares for her but they are in different places in their lives. Jasmine understands and becomes emotional. This is too much for Jasmine to handle and cannot go back in to see Blake. Emma agrees to leave with her but Jasmine encourages Emma to stay and get what she needs from Blake while she waits for her.

Emma heads back into the prison and is taken aback when Blake finally apologises. After hearing how sincere he is, this reminds Emma of her son, Chris, who was also going through a bad time and his only outlet was to hurt others, this helps Emma have a new sense of understanding for Blake. As Blake heads back to his cell, he see Jasmine and also is apologetic but she ignores him.

Doctors, BBC One, Monday to Thursday, 1.45 pm.

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