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Claudia Winkleman talks One Question


Claudia Winkleman talks One Question

Strictly host becomes quiz master on new Channel 4 show One Question

A new general knowledge quiz show debuts tonight  in which pairs of contestants must answer just one question correctly. But that one question comes with 20 possible answers and only one is correct.

All the contestants must do to win £100k, is choose which is the correct answer.

Host Claudia Winkleman has revealed what she thinks of taking on the role of ‘quiz master’ and what her favourite quiz show is.

This is your first time hosting a quiz or a game show since Talking Telephone Numbers in 1997. Why did you agree to host this one?
It was just such a simple, lovely idea. It came through as literally two sentences. One question, we give them the answer, along with 19 incorrect ones. I was in.

How did you find the role of ‘quiz master’, did you want to help the contestants and was it difficult not being allowed to?
If I had my way everyone would have won. In a baby pilot they gave me the answer and I immediately told the contestants. This was problematic. I’m willing them on but am too scared to lead them a certain way. When the contestants win, it’s spectacular.

One Question is a very simple premise, is it as simple for the contestants in reality? Do they crumble under the pressure?
If they work together and don’t race, they absolutely smash it. It’s a game of slow and patient.

What can we expect from the contestants? They’re playing in pairs, do we see any tension and doubts between them?
Watching the dynamic between the players was fascinating. Such a cliché but if they worked together then they were brilliant.

Having appeared on Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel, do you have empathy for the contestants? What’s it like to be put on the spot for an answer, with money on the line, under the lights and with the cameras pointing at you?
I absolutely feel for them. It’s incredibly stressful with cameras on you. The questions are easy to work out when you’re watching at home on sofa. Much trickier with the bright studio lights and everyone watching you.

Who would you partner with if you were on a contestant on One Question? And how do you think you’d fare as a contestant?
I think I’d be useless. Would be over-excited and probably would get rid of the right answer in a fit of impatience and giddiness. I would play with my mum, dad or husband. But anything to do with pop culture I’d need my daughter.

Are you a fan of quiz shows and do you have a favourite?
I am in love with Only Connect.

Who is your ultimate quiz show presenter?
Victoria Coren Mitchell is outstanding. She’s also my oldest friend but I promise I’m not biased.

One Question is great to play along with, do you think it will become a family favourite in your household?
Nobody in my house is allowed to watch me on TV. They won’t know it’s on telly. Better all round, I think. 

Claudia Winkleman

If there were to be a celebrity version of One Question, who would you most like to see on the sofa opposite you?
Lorraine Chase and Elizabeth Hurley. Together.

Filming a quiz show, or any TV show, can take quite a while, did you have good snacks on set? What’s your snack of choice during filming?
I am officially addicted to crisps. I could bore you about my deep and long-standing affair with beef Hula Hoops if you want. Also, toasties. There is absolutely nothing better than a hot cheese sandwich.

What’s on your rider for your dressing room?
Ribena Light, crisps, chocolate. I always take apples but I’m afraid kit kats win…

We saw you on Taskmaster’s new year special and your recent theatre tour had a lot of stand-up vibes, could there be a future in comedy for you?
Nope. It was fun but….

What is the one question you dread being asked?
I’ll answer anything. True fact.

One Question begins its 6-part run Friday 24th June at 8.00pm on Channel 4 and All 4.

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