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Medium rare has been named as the nation’s favourite way to cook a steak


Medium rare has been named as the nation’s favourite way to cook a steak

The research by Greene King Pub & Grill delved into the nation’s steak eating preferences.

Medium rare has been named the UK’s most popular way of cooking steak, as over a quarter of Brits (28%) polled opt for their steak a little pink. However, despite being one of the most likely generations to opt for a vegetarian or vegan* diet, nearly a third (27%) of Gen Z prefer their steak cooked rare, while a fifth (20%) enjoy blue steak.

Carrie Nelmes, marketing manager at Greene King Pub & Grill:

“Even though we have a range of grilled meats, fish and veg at our pubs, there’s no denying that a classic steak is synonymous with grilled food.

“It takes a huge amount of skill to know how to cook the perfect steak, so it’s essential that we understand the breadth of our customers tastes. It doesn’t matter if you’re a steak enthusiast who likes your steak blue, or if you want it cooked incredibly well done – our chefs have you covered.”

The study, conducted by leading UK grill specialists Greene King Pub & Grill, investigated the UK’s preferred choices when it comes to tucking into a classic steak. Rare steak is cooked only for a short period, around a minute on either side, whereas blue steak is achieved by quickly searing the beef under a hot temperature before serving.

Greene King Pub & Grill also discovered Brit’s favourite condiment when it comes to steak is peppercorn, with 1 in 5 participants (20%) selecting the creamy sauce over fierce competition from garlic butter (9%) and ketchup (9%).

What’s more, the survey also revealed chunky chips (36%) came out on top ahead of fries (32%) to be named the number one side to eat with a steak. Both are available at all Greene King Pub & Grill sites, along with sweet potato fries, onion rings, Mac and Cheese and plenty more.

For older generations, well cooked meat ruled supreme, as a 1-in-4 people (25%) aged between 55 and 64-years-old said they prefer well done steak. Whereas among 25 to 34-year-olds, a slightly less cooked steak was most popular – with 2 out of 5 (39%) respondents preferring medium rare steak.

It’s also no surprise to the grill professionals at Greene King Pub & Grill, that the way we like our steak differs from city to city. The data revealed that Manchester is the medium rare capital of Britain, with over half (59%) of Mancunians preferring steak cooked this way. Meanwhile, the majority of people in Aberdeen prefer their steak on the rarer side, as they have the highest percentage of blue steak lovers (54%).

Elsewhere, Yorkshire is the region where people are most likely to request their steak well done (25%), closely followed by Wales (23%).

When it comes to the favourite cut of meat in each region, Fillet came out top in the South East of England (31%), Ribeye was the favourite in the North West (31%), Sirloin in the North East (22%), Rump in London (16%), while the T-bone steak was the top pick in the East Midlands (12%).

To find your nearest Greene King Pub & Grill and to check out the menu, please visit the website here:

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