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Neighbours: Hendrix says goodbye

Pick of the Plots

Neighbours: Hendrix says goodbye

This week in Erinsbrough…

Monday:  After a tense night, Hendrix comes through with a successful lung transplant… but his health takes a sudden turn when his body rejects it. With only hours left to live, he fights through the pain to cherish his final moments with his loved ones.

Tuesday: It’s a sad day on Ramsay Street. Sadie blames herself for Hendrix’s death, Harlow tries to support Mackenzie, and Kiri comforts Chloe. Zara reveals Hendrix’s secret project was a video for his family; they’re blown away after watching it, grateful to hear from him one last time.

Toadie takes comfort in Melanie’s warm care. She’s been the glue holding his little family together through their grief. When he sees her comforting Nell, he’s overwhelmed with love, grateful to have such a wonderful woman in his life.

Wednesday: Terese becomes conflicted about turning her mum away. Little does she know Estelle’s still in town, and after Glen’s confronted by her dire circumstances, he puts her up at the vineyard. She’s desperate to make amends with Terese… even if she has to resort to dirty tactics.

Stunned by Toadie’s proposal, Melanie fears it’s a knee-jerk reaction born of heightened emotions. As much as she loves him, she feels getting engaged is rushing a few steps, but proposes a counter offer – that she move in.

Determined to perfect both of Hendrix’s memorials, Mackenzie gives herself a lot to do. Her stress boils over when she learns both memorials will take place on the same day. Not wanting to miss out on either celebration, Mackenzie’s caught between a rock and a hard place.

Thursday: Glen submits to Estelle’s blackmail and convinces Terese to give her mother another chance. The pair make positive inroads, but Estelle falls back into her manipulative ways. Afraid of revealing his addiction, will Glen come clean, or live in his lie?

Harlow is determined to find Corey despite Andrew wanting to pull the plug on the sting. When he demands she hand over her phone, Corey finally makes contact. More galvanised than ever, Harlow’s certain she can catch Corey in her trap.

Friday: Devastated by Glen and Estelle’s betrayal, Terese seeks solace. She presents her mother with a cheque and a choice; it’s her or the money. Estelle can’t deny her temptation, but is she really willing to close the door on her only daughter?

Ashamed of himself and his relapse, Glen fears he’s ruined his relationship with Terese by lying to her. He promises to work on himself and get on top of his addiction, but will she be able to look past his dishonesty?

Harlow’s arranged a meeting with Corey, but when he changes the time and place, Andrew calls off the sting to protect her. Desperate to help, Sadie drags Zara along to the new location. Alone in the bush, the girls are terrified to come face to face with Corey…

Neighbours, Monday to Friday, 1.45pm and 5.30pm

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