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Weird and wonderful Stranger Things merchandise

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Weird and wonderful Stranger Things merchandise

Stranger Things has become a global phenomenon.

The new series amassed a mind-boggling 883 million hours of viewing over its first 24 days of availability and pushed Kate Bush’s single ‘Running up that hill’ to UK number one.

Alongside the series being one of the most-watched shows ever, it is also hailed for its visual effects, incredible acting and fantastic cinematography.

So, it’s no surprise that many people want to immerse themselves further into the world of Hawkins and the upside down, and that’s why online marketplace has compiled a list of nine of the most incredible pieces of merchandise that fans can get their hands on.

Stranger Things is back for more…

Stranger Things Upside Down Wall Clock

While you may have to look at this clock ‘upside down’ to see it properly, it’s sure to make a statement on your wall.

Showcasing our four favourite adventurers from Hawkins on their iconic bikes, this Stranger Things clock is a must-have for mega-fans of the show.

Stranger Things Upside Down Wall Clock, £13.32 – buy from OnBuy 

Demogorgon Funko Pop

In season two, Dustin made the mistake of keeping one of the demogorgons as a pet, and now you can do the very same thing – although you don’t have to worry about this one eating your cat.

With the Demogorgon Funko Pop you can get up close and personal with the monsters (without actually putting yourself in danger).

Demogorgon Funko Pop – £9.88 – Buy from OnBuy

Eleven Levi’s Jumper

Millie Bobby-Brown has become a global superstar, and her character Eleven has been fundamental to her rise to stardom.

Everyone recognises Eleven for her signature fashion sense, and now you can dress like her too, with this bright yellow vintage-style jumper.

Levi’s® Stranger Things Eleven Graphic Sweatshirt – £49.99 – Buy from OnBuy

Stranger Things Puzzle

What takes longer, putting up 1,000 lights in Joyce Byers’ home or completing this 1,000 piece puzzle?

Occupy yourself while rewatching the series for the millionth time, by having a crack at this visually stunning Stranger Things-themed puzzle.

1000pc Stranger Things Season 2 Poster Puzzle, £12.68 – Buy from OnBuy 

Stranger Things Bag

Will Byers has had it pretty tough over the last four seasons of Stranger Things. He’s been lost in the upside down, trapped in nightmares and almost been eaten by the Demogorgon.

But through it all, he retains his unique bowl cut and cute sense of style  – and this bag can help you own a signature look too. Shaped like a cassette ‘for Will’, this bag is sure to spark conversation.

Stranger Things ‘For Will’ Cassette-Style Bag, £18.00 – Buy from OnBuy

Stranger Things Stickers 

The best way to spruce up a laptop, box or notepad. These 50 Stranger Things stickers highlight your favourite characters and moments from the past seasons.

From Eggos to the mindflayer, these stickers reference every bit of the action over the past four seasons

50pk Stranger Things Stickers, £5.98 – Buy from OnBuy

Stranger Things Pillow

One of the most iconic scenes to ever be on TV… Joyce Byers hanging thousands of lights inside the home she shares with her kids.

This brilliant cushion references the scene in incredible detail, with built-in LEDs lighting up to truly replicate the look.

Stranger Things Light-Up LED Fairy Lights Cushion, £24.00 – Buy from OnBuy

Stranger Things Mug

Hunting for monsters and fighting Russians can be a thirsty job, and one that might require a tankard like the one shown here – which comes complete with amazing details of the upside down.

So enjoy the artwork and keep your drink cold at the same time – just how the demogorgon likes it.

Stranger Things Upside Down Resin & Steel Tankard, £24.72 – Buy From OnBuy 

Retro Headphones

Make sure you can escape Vecna and go ‘running up that hill’ with these retro style headphones.

The only way to make sure you are safe from the evil of Vecna is always being prepared with your favourite song, and you can do just that with these trusty and stylish headphones.

Pro Signal Lightweight Retro Style Headphones, £7.99 – Buy from OnBuy

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