Pick of the Plots: Monday 25th July

Your Pick of the Plots for Monday, July 25.

At Peggy’s, Ben clocks Jonah’s dealer, Tez, giving Sam a packet of drugs and is intrigued. Phil catches up with Ben and wastes no time in questioning him about the rape. Ben plays down Kathy’s claims and reveals that all is not well at the club to distract Phil.

Later, Kathy is horrified to see Kheerat and Vinny have destroyed The Arches sign. Kheerat tells her he wants out – Ben has three days to pay him or else. Feeling regretful, Ben spots Tez and asks him for drugs.

Ben goes to fetch Tommy from football but Tommy finds the drugs. He innocently taunts Ben about what it is but Ben aggressively asks for them back. Tommy later advises Ben to get rid of the drugs, but will Ben listen?

Meanwhile, Kheerat makes it clear to Suki that he will never forgive her for sending Jags to prison unnecessarily. Eve offers her support to Suki and suggests they go to McClunky’s where they bond over music. Feeling a spark, Suki invites Eve home where she kisses her.

Elsewhere, Honey grows distant from Jay.

EastEnders, BBC One, 7.30pm or watch on BBC iPlayer now

Stu berates Yasmeen for interfering when he discovers that she has found Bridget’s address. But when Kelly urges him to try and make contact with Bridget, Stu decides to give it a try.

Stu arrives at Bridget’s address and knocks on the door but she panics and orders him to leave. Stu begs her to hear him out and assures her that he never hurt anyone.  Later, Stu apologises to Yasmeen for snapping and says it was the wrong address – what is he hiding?

Meanwhile, Kevin wants to attend Jack’s end of year presentation but Tyrone says that Stephen’s Jag needs sorting first. In the garage, Kevin takes a call from school and heads out with a face like thunder. Kevin is shocked to find out that Jack punched Nathan.

Jack explains how Nathan ridiculed him, having found out that Tyrone initially thought he was his dad. Realising that Kevin has got a lot on his plate, Aaron offers to take over the work on Stephen’s car and Kevin’s grateful.

Elsewhere, Phill finally hands Fiz the signed annulment form. Hope opens her tablet to see a string of messages from a player called Mad Dog. Using their walkie-talkies, Hope and Sam discuss Mad Dog and Sam reckons he fancies her.

Also, Becky, the hospital psychiatry liaison officer, visits Audrey and gently quizzes her about why she took so many sleeping pills.

Coronation Street, ITV, 8pm

Dan is shocked when Gabby and Kim tell him how Amelia has been impersonating Gabby in order to visit Noah.

Later, Dan is relieved when Harriet invites him and Amelia to live at Woodbine.

Meanwhile, Mandy secretly takes out her CCTV camera kit, determined to get to the bottom of the missing tips.

Elsewhere, Paddy makes a suggestion to Moira that may help Vanessa.

Emmerdale, ITV, 7.30pm

As the investigation into Saul’s attack continues, tensions rise when the missing knife and ring are finally found, but whose possession are they in?

Meanwhile, wedding bells are getting closer for Shaq and Nadira. Will Nadira be able to follow through or will she finally crack?

Elsewhere, Vicky’s relationship with Joseph goes from strength to strength, but does Scott approve?

Hollyoaks, Channel 4, 6.30pm

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