Liz Truss to take questions on GB News special

GB News viewers and listeners will get the chance to witness Liz Truss setting out her vision for Britain if she becomes Prime Minister.

The People’s Forum with Liz Truss will see the Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs appear in a Red Wall seat and make her pitch for Number 10 in front of an audience of GB News viewers and listeners.

Rishi Sunak, Ms Truss’ rival for the Conservative leadership, has also been invited to take part in an exclusive People’s Forum event which would also be broadcast across TV and radio on a separate night.

Explaining why she had accepted an invite from GB News to appear in the People’s Forum, Ms Truss said she was looking forward to speaking to ‘members in the heart of our red wall’ and answering their questions.

Liz Truss:

“I am looking forward to talking to GB News viewers and our members in the heart of our Red Wall and taking their questions. As Prime Minister, I will work tirelessly to deliver for those who voted for us across the Red Wall, including those who put their trust in us for the first time in 2019. I have a bold and ambitious economic plan and the experience in Government to deliver it. I am on the side of people who work hard and do the right thing and as Prime Minister I will make sure we are an ‘aspiration nation’ with a fast growing economy and ensure every part of the country thrives.”

The event in Leigh, Greater Manchester will take place at 5pm on Wednesday August 10th and will be hosted by GB News presenter Alastair Stewart. It will be screened on GB News and also the station’s DAB+ radio offering, which is currently the UK’s fastest growing radio station.

The GB News viewers and listeners who will make up the audience will hold a cross-section of views and will be asking the questions that really matter to them and to our growing army of viewers and listeners. Last weekend rival Sunak faced former GB News presenter Andrew Neil on Channel 4 in a hour that saw Neil rip to shreds Sunak’s case for being the next PM.

A special edition of Dewbs and Co, hosted by Michelle Dewberry, will take place in Leigh after Ms Truss’ appearance. Michelle will be joined by a panel of guests to analyse Ms Truss’ performance.

For GB News veteran presenter Alastair Stewart, next week’s event comes 12 years after he hosted the very first televised leaders’ debate between David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Gordon Brown for ITV News.

Alastair Stewart:

“Having hosted the first ever leaders debate on UK TV in 2010, I am thrilled to be carrying on the tradition and helping it evolve as a format. This is a Peoples’ Debate where we will hear their questions and hear the candidates’ answers. I’m just an honest broker – an impartial referee.  I can’t wait.”

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One thought on “Liz Truss to take questions on GB News special

  1. When will somebody send in auditors to investigate the corruption of the SNP plus their finances ?.
    Why are the UK taxpayers paying for Scots to have everything free?. Where is the so called levelling up?
    Why are we still giving the Scots hundreds of pounds extra per head .(Also the Barnett Formula)
    This is an outrage as they still throw it back in our faces. Anti English bile which is encouraged.

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