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Sarah McDonald releases book on cancer journey

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Sarah McDonald releases book on cancer journey

One year, Two Cancers, Three Miracles…

At 44, Sarah McDonald was newly married, newly promoted at eBay and planning pregnancy. Even though she was battling infertility, it felt like a time of new beginnings in her life when suddenly she was diagnosed with a rare incurable cancer. Two months later she again was diagnosed with another, unrelated cancer. Unbelievably, her father’s cancer, ten years in remission, returned, adding new challenges but also a cancer buddy to her world.

She began to write a blog to keep friends and family updated on her treatments. Since then she expanded that blog into a story she’s sharing with the world.

Told in an honest and oftentimes vulnerable voice, Sarah McDonald recounts a year of difficult stories in lighthearted and humorous ways in “The Cancer Channel.” Readers of this book will laugh, cry, and feel anger and joy – as they are pulled more into the book page after page.

If you’re a cancer patient or know and love someone who is on this difficult journey, this book was written for you. In a voice that will make you feel you’ve met a new, valiant friend, Sarah shares in vivid detail the events surrounding her year of cancer treatments. She touches on both the terror and the humour that can be found in the little moments that are part of fighting this awful disease and negotiating the American healthcare system. As a survivor and a champion determined to foster a better understanding of the lived experience of cancer patients, Sarah McDonald provides a story of hope to all who read this.

Sarah E. McDonald is a two-time cancer survivor and one-time mother of a daughter. Sarah has worked in financial services, consulting, and technology, having spent the majority of her 30-year career at eBay, including during the period while she was battling cancer. Sarah currently lives in Mill Valley, California with her husband, Geoff, and daughter, Rory.

The Cancer Channel: One year, Two Cancers, Three Miracles is available now on Amazon.

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