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Study reveals many young Brits dislike their bodies as a result of online platforms

Health and Mental Health

Study reveals many young Brits dislike their bodies as a result of online platforms

Study reveals many young Brits dislike their bodies as a result of online platforms

Alex Payne, Sky Sports host and co-founder of Room Unlocked, is transforming the way influencer marketing works, discusses how to make your experience online more positive.

The negative effects social media can have on our mental health is no secret.

There are many studies that prove this, with recent research by stem4 revealing that online platforms represent a significant risk to the current and future health of today’s young generations. The findings unveiled that three out of four children as young as 12 dislike their bodies and are embarrassed by the way they look, increasing to eight in 10 young people aged 18 to 21. Whilst there is still a long way to go to make social media into a better space, there are a few things you can do to make you feel better about yourself and turn it into a more positive experience.

Alex Payne, CEO and founder of Room Unlocked, gives his tips and tricks on how to curate your feed by unfollowing those that negatively impact your well-being and following more of the accounts that boost your mood.

Room Unlocked is a value exchange marketplace in which brands swap products or experiences for exposure from influential people. The platform is a space where brands and their influencer advocates exchange passion, not money. Brands offer their products and experiences to advocates – not influencers. In return, these people create engaging brand content that resonates with their audience, as opposed to the previous norm of disingenuous content.

Founded in London in 2017, Room Unlocked is a joint venture between Sky Sports host Alex Payne and marketing executive Tanya Hamilton-Smith. Having spent their careers understanding the power of fandom, Alex as the face of English rugby broadcasting and Tanya as a leading figure for brands such as JWT and BBDO, they have developed a powerful proposition to bring together the worlds of Brands and Influence to unlock brand love. Today brands are having to buy influence, and influencers are having to sell themselves. This exchange is creating an unrewarding experience for both parties, which is neither truthful nor trustworthy.

Unfollow anyone that makes you feel inadequate

We have all scrolled through our social media at some point and felt envy from the beautifully curated images and narratives before us. However, if this has become a regular issue it might be time to take a social media break and then look to unfollow any accounts that leave you feeling low in your self-esteem. The majority of social media platforms use algorithms that determine what we see in our feeds. Make sure to interact with content that makes you feel good so that you see more of it.

Update your feed in line with your current interests

Over time our interests change and develop but are rarely reflected in our social media feeds. Have you had your social media accounts for several years? Do you still relate to the things that you did back when you started the account? The chances are that you may not and that it is totally fine and to be expected as you grow. When an account becomes less relatable to you, hit unfollow and find creators that are more in line with your current interests.

Stay Inspired

We have already touched on the importance of unfollowing accounts that make you feel drained but remember to fill that space with accounts that make you feel positive. Social media is full of creatives and positive content if you know where to look. A great way to discover new creators (particularly if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for) is looking through hashtags some of your favourite influencers have used and explore them.

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