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Home and Away: Bangers and Cash


Home and Away: Bangers and Cash

Home and Away: Bangers and Cash

Best on the Box choice, Monday, March 6th

Zooming towards a sluggish van, Eden tries braking to no avail.

Felicity screams for her to slow down. To avoid ramming the van, Eden swerves into oncoming traffic, colliding head-on with Justin & Leah’s car. It’s horrific – Justin & Leah’s car goes airborne, rolling until they crash into a fence. Eden & Felicity are sent flying into a service station, crashing into a petrol terminal. As the dust settles, all is quiet. Is anyone left alive?

The wedding is at a standstill, waiting for the bride to arrive.

Tane fears Felicity’s wedding nerves have left him alone at the altar. Dejected, with his heart in his throat, Tane makes the dreaded announcement – the wedding is off. But he is cut-off mid-speech by an urgent Gary – there’s been an accident. They need to go. Now.

The aftermath is gruesome – Leah is impaled by a fence post, barely breathing. Justin is horrified, believing these are Leah’s last breaths. Eden is slumped, bloodied and unconscious against the steering wheel. Felicity is in shock, her legs trapped in the crumpled car. At the crash site, Tane is relieved to be reunited with his bride – she’s alive! But Cash is devastated to see Eden unconscious and deteriorating…fast.

Time is ticking as emergency services free Eden from the vehicle and load her into an ambulance, performing CPR. Cash is distraught, watching the woman he loves die before his eyes. On duty, Rose notices no evidence of the ute braking. Fellow cop Gary suggests that the brakes may have failed.

Was this a mechanical failure?

Unseen, one of the bikies reports back to his boss – Cash isn’t dead. The plan failed. Time to put Plan B into action. Is Cash now in danger? At the hospital, Leah is taken for emergency surgery.

The adrenaline waning, Justin falls apart, the weight of Leah’s potential death crushing him. Wanting someone to blame, Cash attacks Justin for putting faulty brakes on the wedding ute. Justin is aghast – could he be responsible for almost killing Leah & Eden? Still trapped in the car, Felicity is endangered when a petrol leak is discovered. Tane is pulled from her grasp by emergency workers securing a perimeter. But when the car bursts into flames, Tane runs into the fire to save his screaming bride. Will Tane & Felicity make it out alive?

Home and Away, episode 7946, Channel 5, 1.45pm

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