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UK children quiz Sir Keir Starmer for Sky News


UK children quiz Sir Keir Starmer for Sky News

UK children quiz Sir Keir Starmer for Sky News

Sky Kids and Sky News is set to release an interview this weekend on FYI: Weekly News Show which sees young presenters Scarlett Archer (age 15) and Jeriah Kibusi (age 12) interview Sir Keir Starmer, Leader of the Labour Party.

Sir Keir Starmer MP, Leader of the Labour Party:

“Visiting the FYI studio last week, Scarlett and Jeriah certainly didn’t miss their opportunity to put me through my paces! Anyone with the preconception that this would be an easy ride is sorely mistaken. Considered and insightful, the questions showed me what the next generation see as their greatest issues. From climate change to the cost-of-living crisis, it’s clear young people are passionate about tackling these problems head on. 

“It’s no surprise FYI have won a BAFTA for their work. Scarlett and Jeriah are undoubtedly future stars, and I look forward to being interviewed by them in years to come. Perhaps they’ll go easier on me next time…” 

Questions were submitted from children across the UK, spanning themes including politics, refugees, the climate crisis, and the rise in cost of living.

Arvin an 11-year-old asylum seeker, who crossed the channel on a small boat fires a question at Starmer;

“The government says that they want to work with the French authorities to stop people reaching the UK on a boat like me and my family did. But what about working with the French to provide a safe route to the UK for genuine refugees like me”. Starmer goes on to answer that “we need safe routes so that we don’t have unsafe routes like the channel crossings, and we don’t allow those gangs to exploit people, putting them in that awfully dangerous situation”. 

Whilst Mimi in Northern Ireland probes Starmer asking “what experience of poverty do you actually have”. Starmer reveals that “actually, we didn’t have a lot of money coming into our family. And when we had a rise in cost-of-living crisis, when I was about your age, we couldn’t pay the bills”. 

The interview also discusses topics such as free school meals, strikes, and disability, with Starmer providing digestible answers for the younger audience.

Lucy Murphy, Director of Kids Content at Sky:

“Every week FYI looks at the big issues that kids care passionately about, and we were delighted to welcome Keir Starmer to the show to answer questions from kids across the UK. This generation are the leaders of the future and it’s vital that we encourage them to question, to know they have a voice and ignite their curiosity about the world they live in”. 

FYI will be available to view on demand on Sky Kids and streaming service NOW (11 March). It will also have a linear TX on Sky News at 10.30am, 2.30pm and 4.30pm (March 11) and 10.30am and 2.30pm (March 12). The show will also be available on Sky News YouTube channel, with all other FYI episodes.

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