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From the real Downton Abbey to a roundabout near Great Yarmouth


From the real Downton Abbey to a roundabout near Great Yarmouth

From the real Downton Abbey to a roundabout near Great Yarmouth

Highlights for Friday, March 24th…


With exclusive access to the real Downton Abbey – Highclere Castle – this series follows the highs and lows of the colourful modern-day Lord and Lady Carnarvon and their loyal staff, as they strive to make up for lost time with a busy calendar of events.

It’s the week of the second Downton Abbey film’s release and there is great excitement at Highclere Castle. Lord and Lady Carnarvon and many of their staff have been invited to the film premiere, but first there’s work to do! Castle manager John and his team are awake before sunrise to welcome the Lorraine breakfast show who, to mark the film’s release, are broadcasting live from the castle’s famous grand saloon.

Unfortunately, the show’s visit coincides with the busiest day of the year for coach parties and it’s a race against the clock to get the crew out before the first bus load arrives. Lady Carnarvon heads to Henley to promote her new book and Highclere Castle gin.

With running costs of £10,000 a day, the gin is the latest business venture designed to help increase the estate coffers and it’s down to her, aided by publicity manager Hannah, to get the message out there. Can the ever-stretched Highclere team pull everything off in time to don their finery and make it to London’s Leicester Square for the premiere?

Channel 4, 8pm


Channel 5’s panel of drivers and driving experts cast their eyes across dramatic traffic incidents from the UK motorways and roads across the globe.

In this episode a van takes to the air when it misjudges a roundabout near Great Yarmouth, a terrifying road rage incident gets caught on camera in New Jersey, and we witness the destruction caused to a Mexican toll booth when it’s hit at full speed in heavy fog by a huge lorry.

You’ll also see dashcams capture rubberneckers ruining our roads, and the caravans causing chaos on the carriageway.

Channel 5, 8pm


Crime scene cleaning comedy with Greg Davies and Harriet Walter, with Zita Sattar and Charlie Rawes.

Wicky faces the ultimate test of self control: a job in a pub, after he’s promised his new girlfriend he’ll stay off the booze… But resisting a pint will be the least of his challenges when he meets hard-bitten landlady Lisa and muscle-bound barman Cuddle.

Wicky’s there to clean up the devastation left by a lethal barroom brawl, but as a web of romantic and criminal intrigue slowly unravels around him, Wicky realises there’s more to this job than just cleaning up blood (and the occasional severed human ear).

BBC One, 9.30pm


Liverpool based DI Colette Cunningham learns that her estranged daughter Kate has taken her own life. Kate disappeared without a trace when she was 17 and had been living in Dublin for the last 20 years as Stacey Lockley. Colette is suddenly thrown into Stacey’s life having been named guardian of her teenagers, Cara and Liam.

Joining the Dublin Central police service, Colette adjusts to life in Dublin and her new role as grandparent. Curious about who her daughter became, something about Stacey’s final month doesn’t seem to add up and Colette sets out to uncover the truth behind her daughter’s death.

In episdoe two this evening, confused about her latest discovery, Colette heads to the hospital where Stacey worked to speak to those who knew her well in the hope of understanding her daughter better. As she pieces together an image of Stacey and her life, something doesn’t quite add up about her daughter. At home, Colette’s grandparenting skills are tested as she adjusts to living with Liam and Cara.

ITV1, UTV, STV, 9pm

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