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SKY History look into the world of ‘looting’


SKY History look into the world of ‘looting’

SKY History look into the world of ‘looting’

The first episode airs this evening.

Looting History is an investigation into how the trade in stolen antiquities and art has become a major source of income for criminal syndicates, gangs, and terrorists across the globe.

Precious ancient treasures torn out of the ground. Priceless art ripped from walls. It’s a modern tragedy, as the grandest of mankind’s achievements are reduced to little more than commodities. Using a different case study, each episode looks at how and why everybody from Islamic State to the Chinese Triads have muscled in on the act.

Robbing The Cradle The Looting Of The Iraq Museum

The series also takes a look into why international law enforcement agencies are determined to shut it down. Tonight the first episode in the series, Robbing The Cradle, delves into the goings on surrounding the looting of the Iraq Museum.

Other episodes in the series look at the ‘Blood Antiquities Islamic State And The Theft Of Syria’s Past‘, ‘Thou Shalt Not Steal Hobby Lobby And The Museum Of The Bible‘ and ‘Risky Business Michael Steinhardt And The Greek Pot Of Gold’.

The first episode airs tonight at 9pm on SKY History

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