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From Birmingham to Paradise


From Birmingham to Paradise

From Birmingham to Paradise

Telly Today weekend choices start with highlights for Friday, April 7th…


Tonight’s episode, Partners in Crime, is the 5th episode of the series.

Ali has learned Frida’s secret and hides with her in a lonely mountain hut in the Alps, while Leo tries to uncover the conspirators who seem to be sitting in his own ranks. Distrust is high and the mercenaries who want to hunt down Ali, Leo and Frida are getting closer and closer.

Undeterred by threats against their investigation, Maryam and her boss go public with their plan to file a class action lawsuit over the bridge disaster. This puts them in the sights of a hitherto unknown enemy.

SKY Atlantic, 9pm


Comedian, presenter and scourge of big business Joe Lycett presents a new late-night comedy entertainment series live from his hometown of Birmingham. Everyone’s invited – whether it’s celebrities, local heroes, or even Joe’s aunties – for a rollercoaster hour of inclusivity, mischief and mayhem.

Every Friday, Joe celebrates the week gone by with his own signature style of comedy, as he looks back at the biggest news stories, ropes his guests into games and sketches, and offers audience members the chance to win… his own possessions.

Will Joe have anything left by the end of the series? This week, Joe is joined by Daisy May Cooper, David Harewood, Greg James, Rylan and Katherine Ryan.

Channel 4, 10pm


A burglary seems clear-cut at first when the thief’s unusual calling card matches that of local criminal Atticus Styles (Spencer Jones), but when the forensic evidence comes back, it all points to another suspect. The only problem is the suspect, Hayley Collins (Hannah Traylen), was locked up in the Shipton Abbott police cell by PC Kelby Hartford (Dylan Llewellyn) at the time of the crime…

Still reeling from recent events, it’s up to DS Esther Williams (Zahra Ahmadi) to rally a devastated DI Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall). However, with his mind elsewhere, will he be more hindrance than help in solving this impossible case?

Meanwhile back home, Martha is equally distraught despite her mother Anne’s (Barbara Flynn) attempts to help the situation. An unexpected visit from Archie Hughes (Jamie Bamber) seems to complicate matters with Humphrey further. At an all-time low, Humphrey has some major decisions to make about his future in Shipton Abbott

BBC One, 8pm


Liverpool based DI Colette Cunningham learns that her estranged daughter Kate has taken her own life. After a charged confrontation, Colette’s all but convinced Stacey was murdered but is resolved that she needs firm evidence before she can involve any of her colleagues.

Meanwhile, Siobhán and Colette’s case develops from a simple theft to something far more sinister that’s not so easy to resolve. At home, things appear to be improving until Liam shares a secret that blindsides Colette.

To make matters worse, someone from Stacey’s past reappears and threatens Colette’s new life in Dublin.


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