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CTVC ‘proud’ to be taking over Songs of Praise production


CTVC ‘proud’ to be taking over Songs of Praise production

Songs of Praise: Laura Wright, Rev. Kate Bottley, Claire McCollum, JB Gill, Katherine Jenkins, Aled Jones, Pam Rhodes, Josie d'Arby

CTVC ‘proud’ to be taking over Songs of Praise production

The BBC series has been on air since October 1961 and in the early days, it was a pretty much ‘Sunday Service’ affair with prayers and hymns. These days the production is much more diverse and covers much more than just Christian church services, reflecting the cultural evolution of the UK.

Caroline Matthews, Chief Executive of CTVC:

“CTVC is incredibly proud to be inheriting this prestigious, much loved, BBC flagship religious series. Songs of Praise is a British Institution with a wide and loyal audience, and we are excited to be guiding it through its next evolution.”

The BBC announced last weekend that CTVC had won the competitive tender to produce Songs of Praise, BBC One’s flagship religious programme. The tender was launched in May 2022 and from a field of four shortlisted tenderers, CTVC’s bid scored highest against the published criteria – across editorial proposal and capability, value for money, how it delivers against the BBC’s strategic priorities, and risk.

Songs of Praise: Rev. Kate Bottley, Katherine Jenkins, Aled Jones, JB Gill, Laura Wright

The contract will be for two years and covers 51 episodes per year. The programme will continue to be fronted by the show’s regular roster of presenters, representing Christian worship across the UK.

Afanti and Nine Lives took over the production of the show in 2017 with a three-year contract. It was later renewed for a further three years. Songs of Praise was put out to competitive tender as part of the Charter agreement in which the Government asked the Beeb to put all existing BBC Studios network television output out to competition over a period of 11 years. The corporation removed its in-house guarantee in September 2016 following a joint agreement between the BBC and PACT to strengthen the UK production sector. BBC Studios have also, for the first time, opened up to produce programming outside of Beeb broadcasting as part of this process.

Daisy Scalchi, BBC Commissioning Editor:

“Songs of Praise is an essential part of our religion offer and I’m delighted that CTVC is bringing their passion, expertise and commitment to this much-loved brand; I know it is in very safe hands and will continue to thrive in the years ahead. This was an extremely competitive bidding process and we would like to commend the shortlisted producers for the high quality and comprehensive bids they put forward. I’d also like to thank Afanti and Nine Lives for all they have done to ensure the ongoing success of the series over the last five years.”

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