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Cheryl Baker advises Mae Muller to ‘avoid’ social media following Eurovision flop


Cheryl Baker advises Mae Muller to ‘avoid’ social media following Eurovision flop

Mae was given just nine points in the public vote…

Cheryl Baker spoke recently to ICE 36 noting that Mae Muller should remember “there are always going to be the haters” and to stay off social media.

Mae, unfortunately, finished second last in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. When the Bucks Fizz performer – who won for the UK back in 1981 with ‘Making Your Mind Up’ alongside Bobby G, Cheryl Baker, Mike Nolan, and Jay Aston – was asked ‘What advice would you give to Mae Muller on dealing with ‘feedback’ (from trolls and the like) after the results are in?’ she observed: 

“Don’t read anything. There are always going to be the haters. There are always going to be people that relish in bringing you down. You can have hundreds of thousands of people patting you on the back and saying how amazing you are, but you’ll always remember that one nasty comment.

“Don’t read the social media comments, the media comments – just enjoy the moment. Whether you win, finishing in the top five or come last, which is not going to happen, just enjoy the moment. Enjoy the experience of being part of the biggest show on earth. There are always people that won’t like what you do – there are people that don’t like me – don’t read it. It can be really upsetting and its silly because some people just do it for a reaction.” – Cheryl Baker speaking to ICE 36

The picture shows Bucks Fizz performing on TOTP Christmas 1981

Following ‘Making Your Mind Up’, Bucks Fizz scored two more UK number ones, ‘The Land of Make Believe’ and ‘My Camera Never Lies’. Their other top 10 hits include ‘Now Those Days Are Gone’, ‘If You Can’t Stand the Heat’, ‘When We Were Young’, and ‘New Beginning (Mamba Seyra)’.

Baker is also a well-known TV personality hosting shows such as Eggs n Baker and Recordbreakers for BBC One and last week Cheryl made a cameo appearance in EastEnders as herself.

Mae Muller entered the Liverpool-hosted Eurovision with the song I Wrote A Song.

“The track unfortunately wasn’t ‘very Eurovision’, it lacked the ‘unique selling point’ in sound or style that captured voters last year with Sam Ryder’s Spaceman. In fact, it sounded like any other track you’d find in the UK Top 40 in the past five years, Dua Lipa for example, it could have been a follow-up to New Rules. But you can’t fault Mae’s performance, that was great.” – TV Critic Vivian Summers

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