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Anton Danyluk looks into male body shaming with BBC Scotland


Anton Danyluk looks into male body shaming with BBC Scotland

This new documentary, going out in Mental Health Awareness Week, sees Anton Danyluk delve into the growing problem of body image insecurity among young men.

While historically it has been viewed as an issue for women and young girls, it is being recognised that increasingly this is now an area generating mental health issues for young men too. More than a quarter of teenage boys in Scotland stress about their body image and social media is making the problem worse.

Anton Danyluk, the ripped reality star from Lanarkshire, has battled body insecurity all his life. As an overweight kid, he faced body shaming and bullying. He reacted by hitting the gym to build muscle and confidence. But despite his toned body, he’s still anxious about his appearance. And Anton now also wonders if he’s part of the issue as he peppers his socials with muscly selfies and gym shots.

Anton Danyluk on Body Shame

In this one-off 30-minute documentary he reflects on whether he is hiding his own insecurities and also inadvertently making some boys believe in an unrealistic ideal body. He meets young men who struggle with their body image to understand how they’re affected by what they see online and compare their experiences of body shaming with his own. In a frank, personal journey, he examines his time on reality TV and speaks to mental health experts as he questions how the media obsession with ‘ripped physiques’ affects Scotland’s young men.

Anton Danyluk:

“I want to find out what is causing this growing problem and as a reality star and influencer I want to find out how TV and social media could be fuelling this male body image crisis”

Anton Danyluk on Body Shame, is a Firecrest Films production, for BBC Scotland.

Anton Danyluk on Body Shame, BBC Scotland Channel, 10.30pm

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