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UK-Emerging singer songwriter Gideon Foster releases “Affirmation”


UK-Emerging singer songwriter Gideon Foster releases “Affirmation”

Gideon Foster is a noteworthy, emerging singer-songwriter based in Yorkshire, UK, blending his philosophical outlook on life with a unique sound of his own.

His love of music has led him down many different roads and genres, and while Gideon has drawn inspiration from many of them, he is not to be constrained by them, preferring to go with the flow.

Gideon answered his calling a little later than most, not producing a song until his mid-40s but hasn’t stopped since, releasing many singles, an EP, and most recently his debut album Prophecy which is a musical documentation of his journey and the life-changing event that led to him writing songs.

The debut LP, Prophecy, showcases his personal evolution with its lead single, “Affirmation.” He explains: “The album is really an introspective journey; it was recorded with the great help and inspiration of my producer Si who has imparted so much of his musical knowledge to me whilst we’ve been working together and it’s really a journey from the past to the present. The opening track ‘Affirmation’ is the corporate world I left behind to write music, a world that will always be a part of my journey to here but a world that resonated with me less and less as life progressed.”

By refusing to stay in his safe comfort zone, Gideon believes that “Prophecy has been a work in progress for the 53 years I have been living, but for the first 45 years of that time I didn’t realize I wanted to write songs—I’ve always had a love of music and played guitar a bit, but until I had a spiritual awakening nine years ago, none of it made sense. My life changed as a result of this event, and I started to look for meaning in my life and songwriting became that meaning and almost a means of documenting the journey.”

I’m not casting seeds on stone, I’m not like you all alone

Tell me when you’re ready, tell me when you’re done

The album Prophecy and the single “Affirmation” are both out now. Website

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