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Grand Designs is back on the street


Grand Designs is back on the street

Best on the Box choice for Tuesday, May 23rd…

The innovation and architectural daring shown at the UK’s largest mass self-build site at Graven Hill has captured the imagination of councils countrywide.

Across the British Isles, brave self-builders have been given a once-in-a-lifetime chance to build their wildest imaginings. Kevin McCloud follows the development of some of these pioneering new projects, and revisits previous ambitious self-builds in Graven Hill and Glasgow with co-presenter Natasha Huq.

Each case captures the spirit of community that these streets engender, and the determination, resilience and ambition of the builders. Tim is eagerly anticipating the next stage of his life, as he hopes to move from a small flat in Bicester into an epic, architecturally daring home at Graven Hill.

A man of machines, Tim plans to build the first basement in the area and fully kit it out as a workshop where he can tinker with his collection of motorbikes. With the help of his dad Michael, this project is meant to be an opportunity to spend quality time together away from work.

But soon, the stresses of the build begin to ramp up, especially when the five-tonne car lift that Tim has ordered from China doesn’t fit into the specially prepared hole in the basement… We also revisit Jitinder, whose house was unfinished when we last met him – thanks to problems with moisture and his resin floor.

Kevin experiences the full splendour of his Hollywood Hills-style home.


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