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Searches for rosemary oil skyrocket thanks to TikTok


Searches for rosemary oil skyrocket thanks to TikTok

Analysis of Google search data has revealed that online searches for ‘rosemary oil’ – in relation to its use on hair – have skyrocketed over the past year thanks to TikTok.

A new finding by beauty and wellness marketplace Fresha analysed Google search data for searches related to the hair hack, which revealed a 135% increase over the past year and a 695% increase over the past five years just in the United Kingdom. Globally there has been an increase of 331% in searches over the past 5 years.

The spike in interest has been attributed to TikTok after beauty and wellness influencers took to the platform to extol the product’s virtues.

The oil is said to ‘stimulate and promote hair growth’ whilst keeping dandruff at bay and preventing premature greying.  It can also help you to achieve a ‘healthy glow’. It is recommended to use the oil as part of a wider hair care routine, while influencers warn not to expect instant results.

Using the oil once a week should be sufficient, but it can be used more often for short periods of time.

William Zeqiri, founder and CEO of beauty and wellness marketplace Fresha, commented on the findings:

“The power of social media, especially TikTok, allows influencers worldwide to share their experiences and knowledge with those who might want to know more about a particular beauty topic but don’t know quite where to start. These findings are a definite eye-opener to see just how much exposure TikTok can offer to such a simple and accessible substance like rosemary oil and proves just how many people are interested in natural remedies of haircare which are fun and easily manageable, even if you are a regular salon visitor.”

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