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Susan Calman heads to the Isle of Man with Channel 5


Susan Calman heads to the Isle of Man with Channel 5

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Susan and her campervan leave the UK for the first time together, as they explore the magical Isle of Man. Susan finds an island of beautiful landscapes, friendly people and exciting discoveries

Susan kicks off her latest adventure exploring the historic port of Peel. In this former Viking stronghold, she meets a prolific treasure hunter before joining the crew of a Viking longboat for a trip around the beautiful harbour. She also enjoys an unusual Manx culinary delight – a kipper and lime marmalade bap. Apparently, it’s a contender for the national dish- and Susan soon realises why.

In Laxey, she’s invited to turn on the Great Laxey Wheel for the upcoming tourist season. It’s the world’s biggest original working waterwheel and seeing it up close is a treat – and seeing it start up feels like a privilege. Laxey also offers her the chance for a trip aboard a vintage tram on the stunning Manx Electric railway. Still used for commuting passengers today, it offers a glimpse of the past but is also very much a part of the Isle of Man’s present.

In the capital, Douglas, Susan visits the world’s oldest continuous parliament, the Tynwald, and meets the president. She heads into the debating chamber and gets a very pleasant surprise at the ‘politicians’ she finds. It turns out, they’ve given it over to the island’s children today- and they’re having a very important discussion.

The Isle of Man is home to the famed TT race, which makes it an ideal destination for any motor enthusiast. At the Motor Museum, Susan discovers a car with a special royal lineage and gets a chance to try out an Isle of Man treasure for herself. Made right here, the Peel P50 is the smallest production car in the world. Susan soon realises it would just about fit in the back of Helen but that doesn’t mean it’s not a thrilling drive.

Susan marks her magical first trip to the Isle of Man by taking her very first trip on an electric scooter to explore the atmospheric South Barrule Forest Park before rounding off her adventures at the southern tip of the island overlooking the island’s tiny neighbour, the Calf of Man. At this stunning viewpoint she reflects on what has been a trip that awakens childlike wonder and pledges that it won’t be her last.

Susan Calman’s Grand Day Out, Channel 5, 8pm

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