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Gemma Collins ‘worried about bladder leaks’

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Gemma Collins ‘worried about bladder leaks’

Showbiz personality Gemma Collins has revealed her infamous fall at the Radio 1 Teen Awards in 2017 also had an embarrassing side effect, she peed her knickers.

Gemma Collins:

“I was so surprised to find out how many women are experiencing bladder leaks, me included. In the past, I’ve held back on doing things I enjoy, like trampolining, working out or dancing the night away with friends, because I was worried about bladder leaks. Since learning that pelvic floor exercises can help to manage leaks, plus using Always Discreet pads for those moments when I need more protection, I no longer have to hold back.

“I’m here to help women across the UK know that they don’t have to never let bladder leaks ruin the fun!”

The reality star has now teamed up with Always Discreet to talk about her experience with bladder leaks, something one in three women deal with, but many find hard to discuss. Research of 1,500 women from the brand found that of the women in the UK who experience bladder leaks, one in five are not confident in how to manage them. And more than half are saying their daily life has changed because of it.

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Many women also report a decrease in confidence, as well as compromising on doing what they love – including 37 per cent avoiding holiday activities – because of incontinence. The research also found that more than a fifth (23 per cent) drink less water, and 22 per cent avoid long car journeys. And 54 per cent believe the condition is more common than people think but isn’t widely spoken about.

The research also found more than a tenth (14 per cent) of those who experience leaks even work out less, and 18 per cent report anxiety around sex.

Emma Gerrard from Always Discreet UK:

“We’re on a mission to unleash women’s confidence, so they can live life to the fullest – without compromise. We want to raise awareness that bladder leaks can be experienced by women of all ages, not just in older generations and by those who have experienced childbirth.

“Gemma shares our passion for wanting to let the one in three women who experience bladder leaks know that they are not alone and that there is help available to them. By speaking out about her personal experiences, Gemma is helping to spread the word about how to manage bladder leaks with products that offer strong protection and the importance of pelvic floor exercises. As a first step, if you have any concerns regarding bladder weakness, or pelvic floor discomfort, we always recommend speaking to your GP.”

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