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Vicky Pattison talks the highs and lows of her fertility journey


Vicky Pattison talks the highs and lows of her fertility journey

In a brand new special for ITV Daytime’s Lorraine, reality star and television presenter Vicky Pattison, alongside her fiance Ercan Ramadam, take viewers on their fertility journey.

Vicky Pattison – My Journey To Motherhood will air during Lorraine on Tuesday 20th June. Opening up to viewers, Vicky shared that although she and Ercan are “super happy”, she isn’t ready to be a Mum yet.

Adding, “We have been together for four years. We are engaged, have a house, two doggies, but we kind of don’t feel ready.

“I want to enjoy being his fiancé and then I want to enjoy being his wife and when the time’s right, I want to enjoy being a mother,” Vicky explained.

At home alongside her own mother, Vicky said, “I am about to start the egg-freezing process. I got really serious about it last year and started speaking to my Mam about it.”

Vicky’s mum, Caroll turned to Vicky and said, “When you first told me about it, I don’t think I quite understood, until you explained the process.”

Later on, Vicky and Ercan headed to London’s Women’s Clinic to get their fertility checked, telling viewers, “So, today is one of the first steps. We’ve got to get loads of tests, [to] make sure everything’s ok. 

“If I can help spread the word and some education about this, then I think it’s a good thing. I’m really glad we’re doing it with Lorraine.”

After seeing her eggs on the monitor during the scan and being told she was in a strong position for egg retrieval, Vicky admitted, “I’m really emotional. It could have something to do with all the hormones. These little rascals are going to be my babies someday. I’m over the moon!”

Sitting next to Ercan, Vicky revealed that the two of them are both excited and nervous. Ercan confirmed, “I’m nervous about the aftermath.” And Vicky asked, “The hormones and the mood swings?” Ercan smiled and replied, “Yes, that’s what I’m scared of.” 

Vicky opted to freeze three eggs and take six eggs through to the fertilisation process. Later on, she received a call to say three of the embryos had survived. Tearfully, Vicky said, “That’s pretty amazing. It means three little me and Ercans are ready to go in the freezer. I’m over the moon.”

Vicky Pattison – My Journey To Motherhood airs during Lorraine on Tuesday 20th June from 9am on ITV1 & ITVX

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