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EastEnders confirms returns for Ian and Cindy Beale as ‘Rose Knight’ twist airs


EastEnders confirms returns for Ian and Cindy Beale as ‘Rose Knight’ twist airs

EastEnders has confirmed fulltime returns for Ian (Adam Woodyatt) and Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins) with the latter appearing on screen for the first time in 25 years tonight.

Earlier this week, to allay Linda’s (Kellie Bright) suspicions about George (Colin Salmon), Phil (Steve McFadden) asked his son-in-law Callum (Tony Clay) to run a police search on him and his missing wife Rose.

When Callum reported back that Rose’s records are classified information, Phil was left intrigued. In tonight’s episode, he called on his lawyer Ritchie to probe the matter further.

After hours at the pub, Phil confronted George with Ritchie’s findings, asserting that Rose does not check out and must have been lying to him. The news left George frustrated and he attempted to contact Rose.

The camera cut to Cindy lounging by a pool in France, declining George’s call, revealing to the audience that Cindy is ‘Rose Knight’ and has been living under a new identity since her reported death a quarter of a century ago.

Speaking on her return, Michelle Collins said:

“For over 25 years I’ve constantly been asked ‘are you going back’ and now finally I can say I am! It’s an honour to be asked to reprise the role of Cindy Beale, a character that has really never left me, and just like the old days, where Cindy goes, drama usually follows”

Michelle Collins previously played Cindy between 1988-1998.

The character made Ian’s life a misery with multiple affairs, a murder plot, and a bitter fight for custody of their children.

She was last seen on screen on 10 April 1998 when she was arrested for hiring a hitman to shoot Ian. The storyline was slated to culminate with trial scenes later that year, but Collins did not agree to participate, resulting in Cindy’s death off-screen as she suffered a blood clot whilst in childbirth.

Cindy will return alongside EastEnders’ longest standing cast member and former husband, Ian Beale, played by Adam Woodyatt, but just how and why is all to be revealed tomorrow night (Thursday 22nd June).

After discovering Sharon’s (Letitia Dean) plot to poison him over his role in the death of her son Dennis, Ian slunk away from Walford in January 2021.

Woodyatt briefly reprised the role last year as Ian made a surprise appearance at Dot Cotton’s funeral, observing proceedings from a distance. After getting a call, he abruptly left, telling his “love” that he’d be home shortly, leading fans to speculate over who was on the other end of the line. It now transpires that this was Cindy.

Adam Woodyatt said:

“It’s weird saying Ian’s back as it never really felt like he was gone, Ian still existed just not in Walford. Now that he is back, he needs to avoid Sharon cooking carbonara and his mum getting him cufflinks for Christmas!”

Whilst the circumstances relating to Cindy’s ‘death’, reappearance, and reunion with ex-husband Ian are yet to be revealed, their explosive return is sure to send shockwaves around the Square not least for the Knights who have no idea just where ‘Rose’ has been all these years…

Chris Clenshaw, Executive producer said:

“It’s an honour to not simply welcome back just one EastEnders icon in the name of Adam Woodyatt, but to welcome Michelle Collins back to Walford to reprise her role as the legendary Cindy Beale after twenty-five years is somewhat surreal. Cindy’s been sorely missed from our screens, and we’re delighted that she’ll be returning to Walford, alongside Ian, permanently later this year.

“Now everyone knows that she is in fact Rose Knight, secrets are set to be revealed as viewers will learn about the circumstances surrounding their return, including the million dollar question – how is Cindy alive when she was declared dead in 1998 – and later this summer Ian and Cindy’s comeback will be nothing less than explosive for the Square.”

EastEnders airs Monday-Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer

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