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BBC World Service presents ‘The Engineers: Lunar Exploration’


BBC World Service presents ‘The Engineers: Lunar Exploration’

For the first time in over fifty years, humans are returning to the moon and the BBC World Service and the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 have joined forces to hear from the leading engineers making it possible.

Gwenan Roberts, Commissioning Editor, BBC World Service:

“The Engineers asks the critical questions at the forefront of science and technology. By bringing audiences trusted voices with the greatest expertise on lunar exploration, we’re looking forward to an exciting and informative discussion on the BBC World Service.”

In a special public event, recorded live for the BBC World Service at the Royal Geographical Society, Kevin Fong will present The Engineers: Lunar Exploration. The project to return to the moon is called Artemis and involves the most powerful rocket and capable spacecraft NASA has ever built for humans, a space station in lunar orbit, and a permanent moon base on the surface. It is planned as a staging post in the human exploration of Mars.

This discussion will explore how several of the world’s leading space agencies are working together with private enterprise on a project that aims to put astronauts on the moon within two years.

Examining the possibilities and ambitions for further lunar exploration, the programme will feature three of the world-leading engineers from the US, Italy and the UK who are making this possible –Howard Hu, Orion Programme Manager at NASA, Sara Pastor, Chief Engineer at the ESA Ihab Gateway and Libby Jackson, Head of Exploration at the UK Space Agency

John Lavery MVO MBA, CEO, Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851:

“Lunar exploration is on the precipice of major changes so this discussion could not have been more perfectly timed. I’m thrilled we will hear insights from the world’s leading minds on the subject.”

The Engineers is an annual event staged by the BBC World Service in partnership with the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851. The producer for the BBC is Charlie Taylor. The recording of the event will be broadcast on 12 August at 11.00 GMT on BBC World Service and will be available on BBC Sounds.

The event will take place at the Royal Geographical Society, London, at 6.30pm (BST) on Tuesday 18 July. Tickets are free and available at BBC Audiences.

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