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Road accident sees Darren run over in Hollyoaks


Road accident sees Darren run over in Hollyoaks

It’s been another dramatic night in the E4 ‘first look’ Hollyoaks…

Things went from bad to worse for Charlie Dean in tonight’s E4 episode as prom night at Hollyoaks High continued and the teen ended up in hot water with girlfriend Shing Lin after it was revealed he’s been unfaithful.

Charlie was left stood embarrassed in front of all his peers after Shing Lin threw a bowl of drink over him, declaring that they’re over.

HOLLYOAKS shock accident sees Darren run over by Charlie on prom night.

At the park, emotions were getting on top of him, when Dillon found him and recognised that his friend was struggling.

Later he came up with a way of distracting him that involved car keys that he found in the staff room… Things took a wrong turn when Darren saw the two boys get into the car and as he wandered over to stop them, in a panic, Charlie backed the car into Darren leaving him unconscious…

This episode airs Tuesday on Channel 4 at 6.30pm

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