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David Tennant talks Doctor Who return


David Tennant talks Doctor Who return

David Tennant opened up about his return to screens as Doctor Who on Tuesday’s This Morning, admitting: “It’s a bit like 15 years never happened, to be honest.”

Marking Jodie Whittaker’s final outing as the Doctor last October, a regeneration twist revealed Tennant’s return as the fourteenth Doctor. During a chat with Alison and Dermot, David spoke about the next series of Good Omens, and his reprisal as the famous Time Lord, adding: “Hopefully it was a bit of a surprise when I showed up – when Jodie Whittaker regenerated into me. But Catherine Tate’s back, so it’s a bit like 15 years never happened to be honest.”

Asked by Dermot whether Russell T Davies had got in touch to talk about his comeback plans, David replied: “It sort of gradually kind of evolved as an idea and we really thought maybe he could let us do a one-off for old time’s sake. And then suddenly it became a bit more than that. We did three.”

He joked that returning had felt “Weirdly familiar.” He added: “You think, can I still run as fast? But it was like I hadn’t been away. It was joyous.”

The actor also talked about working with 21 year-old adopted son, Ty, who also co-stars with him in the next series of Good Omens and has starred in House of the Dragon.

Talking of his talent, David laughed: “He’s very good. What a relief. Imagine if he was rubbish? How would we tell him?.. He’s really good. He’s very talented and good looking. So it’s lovely and it’s great to get to work together.”

He also spoke about working alongside ex EastEnder Danny Dyer in drama Rivals. He said: “Wait until you see Danny. He’s brilliant. We’re having a right old laugh. It’s lots of fun.”

He also teased that Rivals was “A little bit saucy.”

Asked by Alison what the secret of his youthful looks was, David, 52, laughed: “lots of make-up!”.

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