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ITVX reveal more pictures from The Winter King

Ken Nwosu as Sagramor / Iain De Caestecker as Arthur / Matt Mella as Lanval


ITVX reveal more pictures from The Winter King

ITVX have released a series of photographs of The Winter King, a bold and revisionist take on the well-loved Arthurian legends, based on Bernard Cornwell’s Warlord Chronicles series.

Further photos were released of Iain De Caestecker and Stuart Campbell in Caer Cadarn, the stronghold at the heart of Uther’s kingdom of Dumnonia. The photos also give a first look of key cast including Daniel Ings as Owain, one of Arthur’s closest friends. Valene Kane as Morgan, Arthur’s sister, Andrew Gower as Sansum, Bishop Bedwin’s fanatical novice. Also Simon Merrells as Gundleus, king of rival kingdom Siluria, Arthur’s brothers in arms: Ken Nwosu as Sagramor, and Matt Mella as Lanval. Olumide Olorunfemi is pictured as Lunete, Derfel’s childhood friend.

Left: Valene Kaneas Morgan. Right: Stuart Campbell as Derfel / Olumide Olorunfemi as Lunete.

Left: Daniel Ings as Owain. Right: Iain De Caestecker as Arthur.

Daniel Ings:

“The show has a visual flare that can only be brought to it by someone like director Otto Bathurst who established Peaky Blinders. My character is fairly unhinged at points – he’s seen things that left scars on his psyche. Otto puts a lot of trust in his actors, which really makes you want to deliver for him.”

Commissioned for ITVX, filming took place in Wales and the West Country, with the series premiering on the streaming service later this year. Otto Bathurst serves as lead director and executive producer, alongside Toby Leslie.

Left: Simon Merrells as Gundleus. Right: Andrew Gower as Sansum.

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