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Paramount+ hop onboard Miami yachts


Paramount+ hop onboard Miami yachts

Paramount+ has this month launched a brand new eight-part reality TV series, following an elite group of good looking, party loving Super-Yacht Brokers, ruthlessly competing to take home eye watering commissions on eye watering vessels.

Hot Yachts: Miami will see some of the biggest characters in Miami’s luxury yachting scene go to any lengths to make the biggest deals. It promises glamour, romance, and lots of bitching, backstabbing, and drama.

Miami’s not just a millionaires’ playground… it’s a BILLIONAIRE’S playground! If you’ve got the mansion, the super car and the private jet already – there’s only one thing you need… a Super Yacht – and Miami is the best place to snap one up! But nothing is plain sailing as Hot Yachts: Miami welcomes viewers on board the most luxurious boats in the world and into the insanely instagrammable lives of the people who sell them, available on Paramount+ now.

The cast…

Katya, 39

Often referred to as the ‘Queen of Super Yachts’, the boats she sells can go for up to $100,000,000, with her clientele including celebrities and royals.

Katya is married to an attorney and tech founder and lives in a penthouse overlooking Fort Lauderdale beach, so she can keep an eye on the yachts coming in and out of the harbour.  She has a wardrobe to rival the Kardashians and a friends list that includes the cast of The Real Housewives!

Vika, 31

Vika is a socialite and ex-model. Although she doesn’t have her brokerage license yet, she is working under Katya as an associate, a position she managed to get due to her connections and personality (Katya knows Vika’s mother also). Vika is learning from the best in the business but although she knows a lot of potential wealthy clients, she has yet to make a sale.

Vika’s social circle is varied as she likes to befriend interesting people who lead colourful lives. She has a lot of friends who are art dealers, yacht brokers, lawyers, models and actors and knows Leonardo DiCaprio, having spent many years traveling to St Tropez to his gala and to his house in Malibu.

Kaile, 30

Kaile has been in the yachting world for the last four years and has high ambitions to become the most successful female yacht broker in Florida. She is aware that she is still relatively new to the industry but she hustles hard and her work on the dock pays off.

Kaile gets frustrated when clients go with a cheaper option and then are left disappointed. She tries to tell her clients that going cheap isn’t always best.

Nick, 38

Known as ‘Mr Yachts’ in the industry, a name he has trademarked for himself, Nick is both the most loved and hated yacht broker in Florida. His larger-than-life personality, good looks and charm are in equal measure to his arrogance and desire to win.

Never one to turn down an opportunity to network or party hard, Nick is ready to go 24/7. Forbes magazine cited Nick as ‘THE guy celebrities go to for yachts’. Nick is currently an independent yacht broker and is planning to launch his own yacht booking app.

Liliana, 42

Liliana is of Cuban descent but is Miami born and bred!  Boating has been her lifelong passion, which is why she chose to make a career out of it.  And she’s made a huge success of working on the charter side of the yacht business, currently managing fifteen active yachts, with an annual charter sales revenue of around $16million. Her clients are the yacht owners and she represents them in the charter market as the gatekeeper to their yachts. Liliana’s clients are all similar – very successful business people who enjoy the fine things in life.

Fotis, 41

Fun loving and party going Fotis has been in yacht sales since 2007. Mainly chartering yachts, Fotis has experienced insane demands from the crazy rich but he enjoys being challenged and always delivers. Fotis doesn’t shy away from confrontation and enjoys a gossip with his fellow yacht brokers, even if that means causing controversy.

Fotis loves his job and is driven by success.  He charters roughly 80 yachts a year, and the money he makes annually is enough to purchase a house AND a car. He has travelled the globe, either discovering new destinations or visiting his all-time favourite ones. For Fotis, every little corner of the world has a potential for chartering.

Jack, 28

Jack is an under-30 entrepreneur who runs his own luxury concierge business, Coppola Concierge. He only deals with people who fall into these three categories; ‘The Millies, The Billies and The Trillies’. He dreams of retiring by the age of 30 so he can live on a yacht and travel the world while he manages his well-equipped and trusted team back at home. Jack is witty, smart, super competitive and he never takes ‘no’ for an answer. Forever fashionable, Jack loves his Louboutin shoes and Hermes belts.

Juno, 31

Juno is a well-known broker in Florida and has a high sales success rate. Known in the industry as ‘Juno The Boat Guy,’ he is a regular on the south Florida yachting and night life scene and says his favourite day of the week is ‘The Day I Close A Deal’. Juno says he’s one of the few Black yacht brokers working in the industry and is proud of his Haitian heritage. He admits the industry is male dominated and would love to see more women as yacht brokers.

Over the last seven years, he has sold 120 boats. To date, his biggest sale is $2.6M and his last sale was $1.75M.

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