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More family reunions for Nicky and Davina


More family reunions for Nicky and Davina

Best on the Box choice for July 31st…

Episode five follows two women looking for siblings, but for very different reasons.

One wants to make welcome the brother she’s never met, who was tragically turned away from the family. The other yearns to let her twin siblings know that their mother gave them up for adoption so they would have a better life.

Jeanette Woodyatt’s father told her that when he was young, he had a son who was adopted. He didn’t want to disturb his son’s life, but always said he would welcome his son if he came looking. After Jeanette’s father died, she found out that her brother did come looking – and her grandmother turned him away. Ever since, Jeanette has been trying to find her brother so she can make sure he knows that he is wanted and welcome in the family.

On the day of her mother’s funeral, Karen Turnbull was shocked to learn from a relative that she had half-siblings – twins, born to her mother when Karen was a young child. The family’s domestic situation was precarious at that time, so Karen’s mother made the painful decision that the twins would have a better life if she gave them up for adoption.

Karen wants to find them to let them know why they were given up and that their birth mother loved them. She doesn’t know that all the while she’s been looking for the twins, they’ve been looking for her.


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