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Zara is not impressed in Doctors

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Zara is not impressed in Doctors

This week in Letherbridge…


Sid arrives as Rapid Response to the crash and gets to work. Zara is not impressed that Joe was sitting in the front seat. When Zara questions Daniel about it, she can tell he is holding something back from her. Zara then asks Sid, who squirms, unsure what to tell her, but is saved by another Rapid Response call. Zara wants answers from Daniel. A downbeat Daniel knows something has changed in Zara to make her so cold, and she doesn’t yet know the worst of it.

Meanwhile, Jimmi visits Al at St Phil’s as he is worried about how flat he is. He tries to get Al to talk by teasing him with the sight of his games console but refusing to hand it over until Al talks to him.


Daniel is still getting the cold shoulder from Zara. Joe asks if he can go and see Al before he heads home. Zara agrees and takes him to Al’s room, Zara leaves Jo with Al whilst she checks on their taxi and there he shares a secret with Joe. Nina decides to open up the MSU for midwife and nurse appoints. Ruhma and Luca are thrilled, but when Sid finds out, he’s not impressed that Nina decided this without running it by him first.

Bear has his VPAS assessment day with GP Eric, who is retiring soon. They visit Jacqueline, who is initially reluctant to have the visit but warms up to Bear quickly. Bear gets increasingly annoyed with Eric as he is blunt and short in his questioning.


Bear is excited to tell Claudia his news and discuss the baby, but he’s disappointed to hear that she has urgent matters to discuss with him that leaves him disappointed.  He tries to change Claudia’s viewpoint on a difficult decision, but Claudia isn’t convinced. Bear tells Sid he’s not giving up.

Zara keeps Joe at home for the day and sends Daniel to work. Once she’s alone, all her emotion pours out. Over lunch she gets some shocking news and makes a decision that will leave Daniel stunned.

Ruhma visits heavily pregnant Michelle, who has recently moved to the area. Michelle can’t concentrate on the appointment – she seems to be obsessed with local delivery driver George, who consistently parks over her driveway. George is rushed off his feet as he helps out fellow delivery driver Kayden, who is a friend of his son, Jack. Kayden is obviously using this friendship to manipulate George, who doesn’t seem to realise this. Ruhma witnesses this as she comes outside to get in her car and leave. However, her car is blocked into Michelle’s driveway by George’s.

Ruhma has to walk to her next appointment and George to his next delivery.


Rosie visits Al and finds out he will be going home today. Al tries to act pleased, but Rosie doesn’t buy it. She insists on helping him get ready to leave hospital. Rosie tells Jimmi she is worried about Al and he thinks they need to take things one step at a time. She needs to concentrate on getting him back home.

Brickie Ray is hearing a malicious voice on his satnav. It belittles him and taunts him about his past. When Ray staggers around and is sick, his cousin Roly takes him to the Mill. Nina diagnoses labyrinthitis and Ray is relieved that’s all it is. But Nina is curious when Ray talks about the voices he hears. However, he brushes her off when she probes and leaves to go back to work, against Nina’s advice.

Doctors, Monday to Thursday at 1.45 pm on BBC One and the iPlayer.

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