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A ‘chaotic 24 hours’ sees the return of Brassic


A ‘chaotic 24 hours’ sees the return of Brassic

Roll out the red carpet – or whatever colour carpet fell out the back of that van – Brassic is back for a fifth series.

Fresh from being crowned Best Comedy Drama at the Royal Television Society Awards 2023, Sky’s smash hit comedy Brassic returns for a fun-filled run of new episodes to amuse and entertain.

In the first adventure of the new series, Adyan Khan brings Vinnie six top-of-the-range cars on a plate – it’s an offer he can’t refuse. Besides, it might take his mind off Dylan who’s still missing.

The plan is meant to be foolproof, only their inside man gets gut rot and instead, they’re faced with a man called Eddie who refuses to play ball.

The gang are forced to take Eddie hostage after he swallows the keys to the car transporter and a chaotic 24 hours ensues.

Brassic, Eddie, Thursday 29th September at 10 pm on Sky Max.

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