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Television themed games release from The Chase to Taskmaster


Television themed games release from The Chase to Taskmaster

Ginger Fox has curated a collection of top television themed games that are will bring hours of entertainment to fans of game shows such as The Chase and Taskmaster.

Whether you’re a trivia buff, a strategy enthusiast, or simply looking for a fun way to relive your favourite TV moments, these games have something for everyone. In the world of board and card games there is a diverse collection of games inspired by popular television shows. Ginger Fox’s TV-themed games offer a range for trivia buffs to strategy enthusiasts. These games are perfect for game nights, family gatherings, or simply reliving your favourite TV moments.

Here are our top TV-themed games picks from Ginger Fox…

  1. The Traitors 2023 Special Edition Card Game – £11.99

The Traitors card game is a thrilling test of loyalty, strategy, and deceit. Players work together to complete missions, but beware of the Traitors in your midst. With its 2023 Special Edition, the game brings even more excitement to the table.

2. Ant & Dec’s Limitless Win Board Game – £24.99

Experience the excitement of the hit TV show with Ant & Dec’s Limitless Win board game. This engaging game lets you tackle challenges and obstacles, just like the contestants on the show. Can you handle the pressure and win big?

3. Popmaster Special Edition Board Game – £24.99

For music enthusiasts, the Popmaster Special Edition board game is a must-have. Test your knowledge of pop music, answer questions, and see if you can top the charts in this entertaining trivia game.

4. Catchphrase Say What You See Card Game – £12.99

Fans of the classic TV game show will love the Catchphrase Say What You See card game. Guess the catchphrases based on the clues, and watch out for Mr. Chips! It’s a race against time in this fast-paced game.

5. Taskmaster The Board Game – £24.99

Enter the eccentric world of Taskmaster with this board game. Compete in a series of bizarre and hilarious challenges inspired by the show. Can you impress the Taskmaster and earn the most points?

6. The Chase Card Game – £8.99

Test your general knowledge and quick thinking in The Chase card game. Challenge your friends to see who can outrun the Chaser and take home the prize money.

7. Richard Osman’s House Of Games – £24.99

Step into Richard Osman’s House of Games and enjoy a collection of his favourite games from the TV show. This board game promises hours of fun as you tackle puzzles, trivia, and more.

8. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Card Game – £8.99

Feel the tension of the hot seat with the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire card game. Answer questions, use lifelines, and aim for the top prize. Do you have what it takes to become a virtual millionaire?

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