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Holly Willougby’s online interest spikes 651% after she resigns from This Morning 


Holly Willougby’s online interest spikes 651% after she resigns from This Morning 

Holly Willoughby’s follower count continues to rise as she announces plans to leave her 14-year-long role on This Morning. 

She commented on leaving This Morning: It’s been an honour to just be part of its story and I know this story has many chapters left to go. Sadly, however, I now feel I have to make this decision for me and my family.’ 

NoDepsit.Guide has analysed online interest in the daytime television personality. In the last week alone, online searches for ‘Holly Willoughby’ have increased by 651%. This news comes after Holly Willoughby announced she will be resigning from her 14-year-long position on This Morning since being targeted in an alleged murder plot, with the suspect facing criminal charges. Holly has also gained a significant number of followers on Instagram – 38,340 in the last month alone. However, the same cannot be said for This Morning, as the television show has lost 213 followers since the announcement. 

A spokesperson from NoDeposit.Guide:

“Holly Willoughby has always been a warm addition to the much beloved daytime television show, This Morning. Her resignation has sent shockwaves across the nation, causing a surge in online interest for the presenter. 

“It will be interesting to see how online interest in the television show and personality will continue to fluctuate in the coming weeks. With 8.5 million followers alone, Holly’s Instagram could be the centre for a debate on just how – and why – she really left the show.” 

The programme in the past year has been at the centre of a number of controversies including ‘Queue Gate‘, the producer talking about Aubergines following allegations the show has a ‘toxic environment’ and Phillip Schofield having to ‘quit’ the show due to an affair with a much younger member of the production staff.

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