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Zak is second out of Big Brother 2023


Zak is second out of Big Brother 2023

The latest resident from ITV2’s house has been evicted.

It was revealed earlier this week that the two housemates up for the public vote would be food writer 25-year-old Cotswolds resident Henry and 28-year-old Manchester motel Zak. Friday night’s second live eviction of the series saw Zak depart the show.

Speaking after his elimination from the programme Zak said it was “nerve-wracking” but he was happy to hear “people cheering” as exited the house to be met by the audience as well as friends and family.

“I’ve had quite a few conflicts here and there… Henry has not had any conflicts in the house. I was talk of the house for the few days before the nominations,”

There were also ‘get Kerry out’ chants from the audience during the live eviction show, due to several incidents. ‘She’s typically one of the worst kind of gossips’ says TV Critic Vivian Summers, adding, ‘She complained about Zak telling others things she’d said with no self-awareness that she was being two-faced and a gossip by saying those things in the first place. The Poundland Gemma Collins needs to go’.

Earlier in the week there was controversy when Big Brother told the housemates: “This is Big Brother. Before you entered the house, the Big Brother rules were explained to you. The rules state that you may not attempt to communicate in code or write in messages.” Big Brother adds: “Yesterday this rule was broken by Hallie and Olivia.”

Big Brother airs on ITV2 and ITVX

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