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Andrew has double bad news in River City

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Andrew has double bad news in River City

This week in Shieldinch…


Dejected by the news the police won’t be charging Lenny, Andrew’s day worsens when his sister, Victoria Campbell Baxter turns up unexpectedly to deliver some sad news – their father has died.

Later, at the Tall Ship, Mulvaney overhears Andrew talking about his father’s sudden death and relays this information to Lenny. Noting Andrew’s vulnerability, Lenny delights in the news.

Victoria is aghast at her brother’s relationship with Scarlett and his life in Shieldinch, urging him to get out while he still can. Worse still, when the truth about their father’s death comes to light, the siblings get into a petulant, half-hearted blame game.

With emotions running high, Andrew vows to take revenge against those who he thinks have wronged him.

Mikey embraces the spirit of Halloween and is shocked when his new boyfriend, Jonathon, turns up. His disguise scares Gillian but Jonathon and Mikey’s first date seems to go spooktacularly well.

Elsewhere, Amber is annoyed to see DCI Shaw back in town. Shaw bites back that she’s there for business, not pleasure, leading to a heated argument about Lou’s death. However, when Shaw collapses in the street with pregnancy pains, Amber reluctantly comes to her aid.



With work worries on his mind, Sam’s delighted when his step-daughter, Chloe, turns up at the Community Radio station. Back home after living in Hong Kong for years, Chloe heard Sam’s voice on the radio and decided to reconnect with him.

Keen to spend more time with Chloe, Sam cancels his lunch date with Caitlin who decides to surprise him at work instead. However, Caitlin jumps to the wrong conclusion about Chloe – much to Sam’s embarrassment.

Elsewhere, at the hospital, Amber offers support to Shaw following her miscarriage. Shaw believes karma is at play and she lost her baby because of her part in Lou’s death. Amber offers reassurance and reveals the heartache she felt when she lost her daughter. Putting their differences aside, the women connect with each other over shared loss.

With the opening of the new Merchant’s Yard imminent, Karen feels the pressure when one of her key stallholders suddenly pulls out. Nicole is tasked with finding a replacement barber quickly but draws a blank.

Ash comes to the rescue, recommending his friend Armand. However, Nicole’s aggressive interview style threatens the prospective new business arrangement even before it’s begun. Also this week, Callum confides in Bob about being bullied at school.

River City, Monday and Wednesday on the BBC Scotland HD, 10 pm and Tuesday and Thursday on BBC One Scotland at 7 pm

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