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Bathroom bugbears


Bathroom bugbears

Researchers have delved into the nation’s bathroom habits and revealed as many as 35 percent of families complain of a bathroom hogger in their home.

Caroline Gray-Mason, Director of Water and Energy Solutions at Control Flow:

“Our research has uncovered fascinating and relatable insight into what happens behind closed doors in the smallest room in the house. These habits have a much greater impact on us than we may initially think – especially when consumers are looking to cut costs.”

The survey revealed that 32 minutes is the average length of time a ‘hogger’ takes every morning, compared to the 13 minutes Brits consider the optimum time. According to the survey, male partners (18 percent) and teenage daughters (11 percent) are the biggest culprits for taking too long. The findings reveal the average family will fall out twelve times a month about bathroom issues, with wasting water being one of the main gripes.

When it comes to bathroom bust-ups, the biggest cause of tension is not replacing the loo roll (72 percent), dumping wet towels on the floor (68 percent) and leaving the tap running while brushing your teeth (62 percent).

Two thirds (60 percent) get annoyed when the bath isn’t cleaned after someone has used it, with a further 60 percent getting frustrated when a family member reads or plays games on their phone while sitting on the loo.

The research suggests the average Briton will spend two and a half years of their lives in the bathroom, showering for six months, and brushing their teeth for two months of their life. In fact, the average Briton has 312 baths and showers a year with nine minutes considered the optimum time under the spray – when trying to save energy – and 22 minutes for a bath.

77 percent say they are taking shorter showers and having fewer baths to save money on bills, with half going a step further and saying that a bath is a luxury due to the cost-of-living crisis. Women spend ten minutes longer than men in the bathroom every day – equating to more than six months extra over a lifetime, according to the report from Control Flow, the UK’s leading provider of energy and water-saving devices.

Caroline Gray-Mason, Director of Water and Energy Solutions at Control Flow:

“As the financial strain on households is only due to increase throughout winter, our simple water and energy saving devices can be fitted quickly and easily and will soften the blow for those concerned about bills and water wastage. Many of us are missing out on household bill savings by not having our water flow regulated. With the average savings potential of up to £360 a year, following a Control Flow Home Save Service, Brits may be able to relax into a bath every now and then knowing that savings are being made at the source instead.”

Other bathroom niggles include puddles of water on the floor (59 percent), not replacing the tops on the shampoo or toothpaste (55 percent), leaving hair from shaving your legs in the bath (55 percent) and barging in and using the loo when someone is in the bath (55 percent) also annoys Brits.


  1. Not replacing the loo roll – 72 percent
  2. Leaving wet towels on the floor – 68%
  3. Leaving the tap running while brushing your teeth – 62%
  4. Not cleaning the bath for the next person – 60%
  5. Reading or scrolling social media on the loo when others need to get in – 60%
  6. Leaving water all over the floor – 59%
  7. Leaving the tops off the shampoos or toothpaste – 55%
  8. Shaving your legs in the bath and not washing it out – 55%
  9. Barging in and using the loo when someone is in the bath/shower – 55%
  10. Staying on the loo for too long – 46%

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